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How does a VPN work and how anonymously can you surf without prying eyes?

VPN is the abbreviation for Virtual Private Network. Connecting to a VPN is a simple and effective way to optimize your privacy, security, and your freedom. In this blog, you can read about what exactly a VPN is and which options are available there. In addition, it highlights how Netflix VPN works under certain circumstances. A current state of affairs.

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What is actually a VPN?

When you surf the internet, your computer or smartphone is always sharing information with other sources on the world wide web. However, a VPN service creates an (encrypted) connection between your device and the rest of the internet. With the so-called VPN service , all the traffic data is first forwarded to an external server, via this secure connection. This server is also called VPN service. From here the data traffic is sent to the internet, towards the final destination. So, redirecting the internet through a VPN server offers 3 major advantages:

–  in this way, your own identity is protected from the outside world

–  your data is protected thanks to the powerful encryption

–  VPN service gives you back the necessary freedom on the internet.

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How does a VPN work?

From a practical point of view, a VPN service is very simple. You make a choice to use a provider, you take a subscription and then you download the VPN software. In addition, you choose the server you want to be connected to. You can see exactly how a VPN works in this step-by-step plan:

    Step 1: the VPN service encrypts your internet traffic

Your internet traffic is encrypted thanks to the VPN software. Your data is sent over a (secure) connection to the VPN server.

    Step 2: the VPN server decrypts internet traffic again

The VPN server receives the encrypted internet traffic and ensures that it is decrypted again so that it is readable.

    Step 3: the server sends the decrypted internet traffic back to the internet

The server then re-sends the internet traffic to the internet. And after that, that same server will receive internet traffic that is intended for you.

    Step 4: The VPN server receives everything encrypted and will unlock it

The software provided on your personal device – laptop, tablet or computer – unlocks internet traffic again so that you can see everything legibly.

A VPN connection secures the internet traffic

The benefits of a VPN service should be obvious to people who want to surf the internet anonymously, without being disturbed by the so-called ‘snoopers’ who are watching your steps all the time. Normally, your location and even your personal identity can be traced without any problems thanks to your IP address. However, when you use an IP address from a VPN server, your surfing behavior on the internet is no longer linked to your own IP address. So, it is no longer so easy to trace you. This allows you to be very anonymous on the internet. Another big advantage of a VPN is that hackers – due to the encryption – cannot easily intercept or check your data.

What is the best Netflix VPN?

Streaming services like Netflix use your IP address to see where you come from. Once they know your location, they have control over the content you stream depending on the region you live in. However, you can trick your Netflix VPN into thinking you live in another country. In this way you will have extra content that is usually not available in your own country. For example, when you connect to a VPN server in the US, you can unblock Netflix VPN US.



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