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How Can You Use the Dubai Metro?

As one of the longest network of metros without drivers around the globe and the longest driverless metro network in the world, the Dubai Metro is an asset that is utilized not just by the residents of Dubai but also by millions of tourists who visit Dubai. It is built for eliminating traffic on the streets of Dubai. Dubai metro measures almost 80km long and includes 49 stations, covering all important locations in the city. It is among the first metro train networks within the Arabian Peninsula.

If you’re contemplating to visit Dubai and you are looking for a way to get there, the Dubai Metro is the best option because it will save you time and also money. You are aware that Dubai is expensive, as well as private transports, such as taxis and taxis in the local area. If you’ve never thought about your preferred mode of transportation in Dubai the first place, I can assure you that you’ll never get a better deal than of the Dubai metro. It is possible to use Dubai Metro for your travel needs. Dubai Metro for your sightseeing excursions, shopping trips and more since it is an efficient means of transportation throughout the city.

When you travel in Dubai Metro, the most essential thing you have to be aware of is the metro route as well as the costs that the city offers. In this article, we will be giving you the information about the metro route, as well as the prices, as well as other important information you must be aware of Dubai Metro.

Concerning the railway lines:

Dubai Metro Dubai Metro is driverless and fully automated metro system that operates mainly underground and a portion via elevated viaducts. At present, there are two lines in operation, one of which is the red line and the other is the green line. The red line runs between Rashidiya up to Jebel Ali, while the Green line is running starting from Al Qusais to Dubai Creek. Redline is comprised of 29 stations, while the Green line is home to 20 stations as of. However there is a possibility that the Dubai metro is planning to expand their network to 2020.

Metro fares:

The fares in a single journey the cost will vary between Dh1.8 to an maximum of Dh6.5 dependent on the distance you’ve traveled which is a lot less than to private taxis. But, with this fare is also the option of using public buses to cover the same distance, as well as metro. Students and seniors will benefit from a discounted metro cost.

Dubai Metro: A handy guideline for visitors

If you’re visiting Dubai to the first time it can be quite a challenge to figure out the transportation and communication options from the airport because Dubai International Airport is very large. Many people visit the airport but are confused regarding the best way to travel. In this article, we’ll give you the basics regarding Dubai Metro so that you can travel without difficulty.

You can simply purchase tickets for your location from Metro stations and you’re at ease to move around the city. If you prefer, you can opt to a NoI top-up card that is extremely efficient and user-friendly. To stay out of the long line for Metro Dubai Metro, NoI card is the best choice. Charge the card and travel without hassle.

How do you get to Dubai Metro from Dubai Airport?

When you land from your flight, you are able to access after landing at the airport; you can access Dubai Metro from the airport directly. If you go straight to Terminal 1 or Terminal 3 and then, you will be able to access Dubai Metro. There is a Redline at the airport, which is available from Jebel Ali or Rashidiya. We recommend that you take the Jebel-Ali bound train to take you on your city tour in the metro.

When you enter the station, be able to locate the ticket counter. You can purchase the ticket, by letting the attendant know your travel destination.

Tap your credit card against the reader of your card to open the gate. Watch for the green light before you can go in.

When you are at into the train station, continue following the instructions on the board and you will arrive at the platform where you’ll get on the train.

Please follow the instructions on the floor when you are in search of a particular cabin.

Pay attention to the announcements in the train. When you reach your destination take a step back from the train, and then walk to the gate for exit.

  • Keep your credit card handy as you’ll need it during the exit time.

* At the gate for exit the tickets or no-id card is required when leaving the station.

If you follow instructions to get there and you’ll locate the gate that leads towards your desired destination.

Things to keep in mind:

Concerning trains:

Trains will arrive in intervals of 10 minutes. During high traffic times, you do not need to wait for long because trains will arrive every 3 minutes. Be aware that you must be cautious when boarding and deboarding trains as the doors will be open for 18 to 20 seconds.

NoI Card:

If you’re planning to make use of Dubai metro, do not forget to purchase a NoI credit card, as cash is not allowed within the Dubai metro. With a NoI card you will be able to travel without hassle not just in Dubai Metro but also in Waterbuses buses, taxis and more. Carry your card whenever you travel in Metro.

High hygiene:

You cannot consume food or drinks on trains as and in the Metro station. There are however metro stations where you can discover many food establishments and restaurants which allow food and drink. However, within the premises it is not allowed.

Security installations:

Don’t misuse the security features in the trains or at the metro station. Otherwise you’ll be liable for the punishment.

The allowance of pets:

For reasons of hygiene, Dubai Metro doesn’t allow pets in the train or at the stations.

The frequency of trains:

For any particular festival or celebrations, to handle people, quantity of trains is likely to increase. In addition the frequency of trains will also increase. The time interval decreases by 10 mins to just 3 minutes during peak times.

Train Timings:

The trains typically operate on Thursdays and Saturdays between 6 am and 11 pm, and then from 2 pm until 12 am on Fridays.

Per car, the number of passengers:

The layout for each vehicle is designed to accommodate 643 passengers per train. However, it is able to accommodate up to 900 people in maximum capacity. The design of the structure is designed for up to 1150 people. On one train, you’ll have 14 seats.

Train service classes:

Three classes that you can find on the train trains at Dubai Metro namely Women & children, the gold class the silver class. It is not possible to be a part of any class in the event that you do not have the ticket for that particular class.

Important stations to be aware of:

Deira City Centre:

There is there the Deira City Center Mall which serves as the central point of more than 340 stores and eateries.

Dubai Mall and BurjKhalifa:

Within this train station you will view the famous attractions in Dubai Mall and BurjKhalifa. There is a Metro Link Bridge is there to connect these locations. It’s an air-conditioned walkway with a length of 828 meters.


It is a crucial station that gives you the possibility of switching from the red line to the green line. The station is close to a number of famous places in Dubai including BurJuman Mall and the Spice Souk, Gold Souk, Textile Souk, Dubai Creek, etc. Dubai Creek is the area that gives you access to a variety of famous attractions in Dubai.

Mall of Emirates:

From there it is easy to hop onto the second-largest shopping mall of the city i.e. Mall of Emirates. If you love shopping are in the right place. spot for you. It is possible to complete your visit by taking a ski slope indoors.

Dubai is a city with endless possibilities. Dubai is a city that is open to all types of visitors since there are things to do that will delight tourists of all different ages. It is possible to hop on and off throughout the city with the Dubai Metro in a quite inexpensive method. There are however locations in which the metro isn’t connected. Therefore, in order to get to the area, you have taken a different public or private transportation depending on the mode of transport you are using.Flyadeal and Egypt Air offer discounts for travel to that destination.




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