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Why Having A Hospitality And Tourism Management Degree Has Never Been More Important?

The coronavirus pandemic affected almost every sector globally, but the repercussions of this deadly virus on the hospitality and tourism industry was unmatchable. Since the relaxation in the COVID-19 related restrictions across the world, many sectors are back on track. However, hospitality and tourism are still struggling to bounce back due to varying measures to curb the spread of the disease.

As countries are still canceling international flights and forcing resorts and hotels to close worldwide, hospitality and tourism remain the worst impacted industry of all. The rise of the mutant virus led governments to enforce emergency measures, and the hospitality and tourism sector got little to no time to prepare for these unprecedented times.

Now, when the disease’s severity reduces in people, the hospitality and tourism industry focuses on its revival. Thus, the industry looks for professionals with exceptional skillsets who hold the potential to redefine hospitality and tourism for modern times. As many people depend upon this industry to earn a livelihood, obtaining these skills through hospitality and tourism management has never been more important.

Importance of hospitality and tourism

In this blog, you will explore how earning a hospitality and tourism management degree can help you contribute to the recovery of the hospitality and tourism industry.

  1. Economic development of the nation

Tourists from different countries are a significant source for earning foreign exchange. That’s why it is mandatory for foreign tourists to bring foreign currency along with them in many countries. Foreign exchange earnings are an essential way to contribute to the economy of the nation.

  1. Employment generation

As hospitality and tourism are one of the vast industries in every nation across the globe, they contribute to the country’s economy by creating a host of new jobs, such as tour guides, cab drivers, bar owners, hotel managers, tour planners, tour organizers, and restaurant owner, to name a few. The government generates revenue by charging several taxes from the hospitality and tourism industry.

  1. Boost other local industries

Apart from the public income, several indirect jobs or local industries get boosted due to tourism and hospitality. The revenue generated by selling local items, artifacts, or handcrafts is private income. Service, entertainment, and transportation sectors majorly depend upon hospitality and tourism in many countries.

  1. Foreign Direct Investment

If the government of the country strengthens hospitality and tourism, investments in the sector will grow too. Foreign Direct Investment can be seen more in countries with open economies, offering outstanding growth prospects.

Now that you have learned the importance of hospitality and tourism in any country, pursuing a management degree in this area will provide you with opportunities to contribute to this fastest-growing sector. In addition, this service-oriented sector gives you international exposure and equips you with the skills and competencies imperative to achieve personal and professional goals.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply to Canada’s top and reputed universities to acquire hospitality and tourism management education to thrive in this constantly evolving industry.



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