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Hojicha Kit Kat: The Most Popular Japanese Candy

Kit Kat offers a variety of Japanese flavors. I love the green tea flavor and am always eager to try new flavors like Hojicha Kit Kat.

what candy bar is considered good luck in japan?

Nestle Japan has created some unique and delicious Kit Kat flavors you will only find in Japan. The Hojicha Kit Kat (roasted Tea) is one of these flavors that I was eager to try.

The limited-edition flavor is only available in Japan. But, for those who are not Japanese, the product can be found in other countries. Online candy. It was actually in japan Crate Box, along with many other Japanese sweets.

The packaging of the Hojicha Kit Kat is simple and elegant. The bag comes with English printed on it (and Japan Crate provides a booklet explaining what they are sending), so don’t worry if you don’t speak Japanese. Do you need to be able to speak Japanese to enjoy the food? It’s not necessary. This bag contains 12 minibars, each wrapped individually for your enjoyment.

The Kit Kat They is off-white and has an artificial smell. I tried one bite and was not impressed. Although it wanted to taste like roasted, it was difficult to swallow.

Lauren Sisselman, Hojicha (roasted tea) 

what candy bar is considered good luck in japan

Kit Kat

It had a very artificial taste, almost as if it was trying to predict how roasted tea should taste. Although the chocolate was not good for me, it was still tasty. Although I normally like Kit Kat, this was not the right choice for me. I was disappointed by the aftertaste and found myself reaching for a regular Kit Kat to drown it out.

However, I recommend it to anyone who has never tried it. It’s an amazing experience that you can share with your friends. Limited Edition Kit Kat bars from Japan

Other Popular Japanese sweets

People in Japan appreciate not only great taste in food, but also its appearance. That is why everything that falls into the hands of the chef turns into a real work of art. Handicraft and beauty of the finished dish are appreciated in the preparation of sweets.

Jelly desserts

One of the favorite Japanese dishes is jelly. This low-calorie and healthy dish attracts with its brightness and great taste.

There are no hard-to-find ingredients in jelly recipes, everything is simple and tasty. Various jams and juices give the color to the jelly.

If you are looking to buy Japanese sweets, jelly desserts are a great choice.


Delicious and dietary delicacy. It is prepared from a simple set of products, among which, of course, rice is the main one.

Sweet rice cakes are added to ice cream, soups, cereals and yoghurts, or eaten as a stand-alone meal.


Wagashi is a delicious and delicate dessert. It is prepared only with natural products: adzuki, the so-called beans, rice, agar-agar, sweet potatoes, chestnuts, herbs and tea. Like mochi, wagashi has a slightly sweet taste. Because of this, they are less high in calories and can be eaten even by dieters. Wagashi is served as a dessert for tea drinking.


This dessert is a type of mochi. Its difference from the traditional dessert is that the delicacy is wrapped in a salted cherry leaf. The amazing taste, which is obtained due to the contrast of salt and sugar, is remembered for a long time and causes an irresistible desire to try the dessert again.

Ice cream

There are many varieties of Japanese ice cream. Mochi ice cream deserves special attention. It is a sweetness that is a scoop of ice cream that has been wrapped in a traditional mochi. Various flavors and additives will not leave anyone indifferent.

Japanese sweets have long conquered the hearts of people and are winning new fans every day.



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