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Here Are Some Fun Ways To Celebrate Australia Day

Australia Day is all about taking time off to reflect and commemorate the country’s history. As a once-in-a-year opportunity, don’t forget to celebrate the most important day for the land down under by indulging in the most fun activities. So get those Australia Day decorations ready and take a look at how every Aussie can exploit this time of the year to their best.

Australia Day And Its Significance

The rich and diverse history of Australia signifies the difficulties and hardships faced by both the Aboriginal communities as well as the first fleet of British ships under the crown. On this day, every community will be alive with festivals, celebrations, fairs and even parades with flag hoisting and other events. Australia day decorations and celebratory clothing will be the norm depending upon the community or the province.

Enjoying Australia Day: Take A Look At These Recommendations

Contrary to slacking off in front of the tv, it’s better to go out and enjoy the day with friends and celebrate. Here are some recommendations to look into:

  1. Celebrating With The Whole City: Depending on the city, the celebrations may vary, and so do the ceremonies and events. Take Sydney, for example, some events celebrate the Aboriginal heritage followed by the flag raising of both Australia and the indigenous community. The Sydney Opera House will host something extravagant and enjoy the sunset at the harbour. Popular hotspots will be Gordon’s bay, Byron Bay and Victoria Park. Melbourne will have its parade and DJs for all the cultural groups in the city. Brisbane, Tasmania and Adelaide will also have the usual ceremonies and festivities but check the timings as they vary for each city.
  2. The Beaches: What’s a better way to celebrate Australia Day than to enjoy the summer on the coast. Get the summer arsenal ready and indulge in what makes Australia beautiful, sandy beaches and crashing waves draped by a beautiful sunset. Beaches are the best place for families to enjoy different activities like volleyball, jet skis or cricket. Don’t forget to apply some sunscreen and stay safe under the scorching sun.
  3. Have a BBQ Party: For those who are less interested in heading out to the beach or the city, have a BBQ party right at home. Invite some friends and family, fire up the grills and let the smoke fill the air. A BBQ party may not be as entertaining as the ceremonies in the city, but don’t worry! It is still tradition!
  4. Hit Up The Best Restaurants For Australian Cuisine: Celebrate the day with the best dishes that Australia has to offer. Aussie burgers, meat pies, potato bakes and for desserts, the famous pavlova, among other delicacies. Don’t be afraid to dive in, this happens only once a year.

Not all celebrations need to be posh and expensive, and for those who are looking for simple diversions, here are a few activities to enjoy:

  1. Watch the skies burst with colours as the day ends. It’s usually the beaches that act as the main areas for setting off fireworks, but it’s the view that’s important. As the whole day winds up, all the fireworks throughout the country will mark the perfect end to an amazing day.
  2. Brush up the skills in the park or the beach with your mates and enjoy a game of football, volleyball or cricket.
  3. Wear the nation’s colours and listen to the best tunes hosted across all the radio or music platforms. Cool off the summer heat with some chilled root beer or ale.


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