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Halfway Houses in Minnesota & 10 Obvious Signs of a Relapse

It happens. And it happens so often you will be surprised to know. We are talking about relapses. How sad! Somebody who started well in their journey to sobriety, fighting their addiction bravely, ends up falling back to their old life of addiction. 

This can be frustrating for their family and friends. They invested their time, efforts, and money into helping them come out of their addiction. Mostly, it happens when people, after recovery programs, go straight to their homes. Instead, they should have been to a halfway house in Minnesota

These houses help recovering addicts become stronger in their resolution by providing a sober and strict environment. Living in such a place instills certain values and a sense of responsibility in the former addict. This reduces the chance of relapse. 

Here are 10 obvious signs of a relapse. Catch them on time and prevent your loved one from slipping into addiction again. You can type “halfway houses near me” online to find one in your area if the need arises. 

Signs of relapse

  1. Sudden change in their mood, mood swings, secrecy, and other such behavior. 
  2. Becoming irritated easily. This is an addict’s sign of defensiveness. 
  3. Borrow money often or you find valuable objects missing from home. 
  4. After coming from a halfway house, they start hanging out with their old friends with whom they used to drink. They may even abandon their new friends from the house. 
  5. Missing AA meetings, 12-step programs, or other therapy sessions frequently or regularly. 
  6. Acting on an impulse or being reckless as if under influence. Engaging in destructive behavior or high-risk behavior. 
  7. Spending an unusually long time in the restroom or taking a pouch or some other item with them to the loo. Or spending more time in a private room or corner. 
  8. Being in denial about their erratic behavior or explaining away their unkempt appearance. This is a way to throw you out of track so that you do not doubt them. 
  9. Being very loud and vocal about how they would never drink again and so on. Their enthusiasm may sound over the top. This is just a psychological trick thrown in by people who have relapsed to ward off suspicion. They may even talk a lot about halfway houses to make you think they loved it there. 
  10. Noticeable changes in physical health, such as abrupt weight loss, significant change in appetite, dilated pupils, chronic fatigue, marks or bruising on the skin, or wearing long-sleeves during hot weather. 

If this is happening to your loved ones, please do not scold them or preach them. It’s useless. They may also not admit their relapse and not want to join a rehab. It is better to talk to a therapist first. 

Most halfway houses in Minnesota also harbor people who relapsed and went into rehab again. Do not be disheartened, if your loved one relapses. Falling back is not a shame, as long as you get up and start again. 

Visit https://halfwayhousedirectory.com to find a house in your area in a confidential manner. 




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