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Gold Bangles – A Unique Way to Express Your Individuality

A bangle is an important jewel for Indian women. It is one of the most attractive accessories that evoke feminine charm that every woman longs to achieve. Wearing a bangle enhances the delicacy of your hands and adds a spellbound grace to your overall personality. Then here it is – gold kadas and single gold bangle designs, all to get your eyes set on. 

Gold Bangles for Fashionable Ladies

Exuding irresistible charm, a gold bangle can enliven up your every single day with excitement. These are grace to your delicate hands. A wide assortment of gold bangles is available online which ensures to cater to the need of every modern woman. From plain to embellished, the new trendy collection of gold bangles has an amalgamation of traditional and modern taste. The collection boasts of distinct types, sizes, metal colors, and patterns. 

You can easily find a single gold bangle at the most affordable price you can ever expect for. So, if you want to glitter up your presence and make heads turn towards you, explore the mesmerizing gold bangle collection. 

#1. Floral Bangle:

Wrap your wrist with an exotic sheen of floral patterns. As its name suggests, the floral gold bangle has enthralling flower motifs. The floral detailing on the gold bangle delivers a distinguished charm. Whether a floral Kundan, diamond motif or engravings, the ethereal flower patterns look amazing. A floral bangle is a great choice to accompany your casual and professional outfits. For an interesting look, compliment your floral bangle with a floral gold nose stud

#2. Enameled Bangle:

For a rich colorful appearance, the enameled gold bangle is a great option. From a little tinct of nude shades to vibrant dark hues enameled bangle is available in a range of enchanting options. The beautiful colored essence on the bangle against the sheen of yellow gold looks very pretty and classic. 

#3. Twister Bangle:

Add elegance to your wrist with a bespoke twister bangle. This is the simplest and one of the most gorgeous designs. This bangle features open ends formed in a twisted manner to offer easy glide onto your wrists. The ends of this bangle come bejeweled with exotic patterns, pearls, or gemstones. Also, you can get a completely simple design with no embellishments. 

#4. Two-toned Bangle:

This bangle has the splendor of two different metal hues. Encapsulating minimalist sophistication the two-toned finish bangle is quite a popular choice among ladies. Yellow gold and white gold are two commonly used finishes. The contrasting effect that these two metal colors create will make a highlight in any event. Let this versatile piece be a part of your jewelry collection.


Now all you have to do is to select your perfect piece from this collection. The aforementioned bangle styles are a few handpicked ones, apart from this you have scores of options. So, don’t restrict yourself, go ahead and explore more options on www.melorra.com. 

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