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Fixing Error Code [pii_email_cd4b80dbd951adb0d4dd] Outlook 2021

Technology has reached a level in the present world. As technology emerges, some critical and minor issues also arise. One such problem is found in Microsoft outlook of error.


Click on the You Microsoft Outlook Account Settings tab, and then click Account Settings. Just click Data Files, and you will see both PST files. Right-click the following PST file, and click Close to remove the file. Restart Microsoft Outlook, and the phantom emails should be gone.

Using a coordinated email management program by using Microsoft Outlook, you cannot arrange your mails of consumer or customer accounts. Microsoft outlook is one of the essential parts of communication in our life. Microsoft Outlook is used to send or receive emails from our linked sources.

As we said, every technology has some errors. The problem is also happening with the users of Microsoft outlooks. One of the most common errors among users of Microsoft outlook is error [pii_email_11fe1b3b7ddac37a081f]. Those who are suffering from this error attempt to solve this malware, but they fail most of the time.

If you discover your mails sitting in your Outbox, Gmail can’t send them immediately and will reattempt to send them later. Without a stable connection to the host, you may have queued emails.

Click Next.

In Mailbox, start looking for a folder named Drafts, and then double-click the saved message in that folder. Outlook automatically saves all unfinished messages for you. By default, incomplete statements are committed to a Drafts folder every 3 minutes.

Double-click to start the message that you need to store, and on the File menu, click Save As. In the Save as dialogue box, in the Folder pane, select a folder, then the location in that chosen folder where you want to save the document. In the File name box, type a name to the form.

Make sure you’re using the correct email server configurations. …

In the present universe of online free applications, the chances of piracy are huge, and there are chances you could have been put up with a pirated version of this program.

Confirm your password is working. …

Choose the permissions that you wish to grant to the delegate and click”OK.”

The problem of [pii_email_11fe1b3b7ddac37a081f] hasn’t vanished yet. Also, after clearing the information cache and cookies initially, you should try to uninstall the view app and install it. It happens if the prognosis may not have been set up completely and there could be broken installation in the computer system.

Repairing your Office apps can resolve issues with Outlook not responding or freezing. Errors in Office documents are corrected automatically. In the Control Panel, choose Programs and Attributes. From the installed programs, right-click Microsoft Office 2016 or Microsoft Office 2013, then select Change.

How do I move my Outlook emails to a different computer?

How do I fix my email not working?

Turn Off Send in Background.

Start with these hints:

If you can send but cannot get mails, there are several likely causes to research. These include email and disk issues, your DNS settings, email filters, email delivery method, and your email client settings.

Do outlook emails take up hard disk space?

Many individuals who use Microsoft Outlook as an email client for Gmail or their private POP mail would sometimes observe it is trying to send emails out, but there are not many in the Outbox. These ordinarily ghost messages that were sent earlier or are too large and stuck in your Outbox.

Start Outlook.

Click Outlook Data File (. pst), and then click Next.

They are in your Outbox because they’re not being shipped and stuck on your mobile phone. It’s most likely since there’s not any internet connection on your phone. Each moment, you send an email until it is stuck until there is some medium to travel.

Make Sure That You Have the Correct Sent Folder Mappings.

Confirm Your SMTP Settings.

Where are my Outlook emails saved in Windows 10?


Look for or type in the Exchange Server account name of the individual you want to access.

  1. Only the material itself is exported.
  2. Add an email account to Outlook.
  3. Now, we’re suggesting some steps to resolve the issue of error [pii_email_11fe1b3b7ddac37a081f].
  4. Delete Messages from the Outbox.
  5. Backup and restore POP3 data.

Sending a Draft

What you see next depends upon your version of Outlook. For Outlook to Microsoft 365 and Outlook 2016. For Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2010. Enter your email address and click Connect. …

When you use a POP3 account, all of your Outlook data (emails, calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes) is stored locally in your PC within a pst-file. Your recommended backup strategy would be to frequently make a copy of your pst-file for your backup place when Outlook is closed.

Under Export, click Export.

If you are using several windows or accounts, then close them too. Always keep your Microsoft outlook and Microsoft 365 updated to the nested model which is available. If any update is needed, update all the new attributes and reboot your computer. Now open your notebook or desktop pc to assess whether the problem is solved or not. if yet this error persists, then try other ways, which are given under:-

  1. If prompted, enter your password, then select OK 
  2. Finish to start using your email account in Outlook.

Technology has gotten to a level in the current world. As technology emerges, some critical and minor issues also arise together. One such problem is located in Microsoft outlook of error.

Windows 10 drive:\Users\\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook. Windows 10 drive:\Users\\Roaming\Local\Microsoft\Outlook. Older versions of Windows drive:\Documents and Settings\\Neighborhood Settings\Program Info \Microsoft\Outlook.

Where can we locate errors? 

Compact the Outbox Folder.

Select File > Add Account.

As you send and get more emails and attachments, then add more appointments to your calendar, and create more tasks and notes, your Outlook data files may quickly grow to many gigabytes in size. Mine is 1 gigabyte, but that’s still pretty big. 

To solve error [pii_email_11fe1b3b7ddac37a081f]

Start Outlook.

By using a coordinated email management program using Microsoft Outlook, you cannot organize your emails of customer or consumer accounts. Microsoft outlook is one of the essential parts of communicating in our life. Microsoft Outlook is used to send or receive emails from our sources that were linked.

The first procedure to address the error [pii_email_11fe1b3b7ddac37a081f] is through clearing cookies and cache. By clearing cache cookies and data, it may create a fresh prior string tidy, and your data will be new. After emptying cache and information cookies, it can get rid of the damaged or stuck info packets. You may even close your Microsoft outlook and reopen it.

Fix the Outbox Folder.

Emails might get stuck in your Outbox for lots of reasons. Maybe, you opened and closed the email while it had been on your Outbox instead of launching and then sending it. To send the email, double-click it, and click on Send. An email may also get stuck in the Outbox if it has a huge attachment.

It can also be found at the time of obtaining the Microsoft prediction.

Now, Click on The Export to a file, and then click Next.

How do I save emails to my computer?

Mail Stuck in the Unsent/Outbox Folder

Verify you don’t have a safety conflict brought on by your firewall or antivirus program.

To complete and send a draft, visit the Drafts folder in the navigation pane. Open the email you want to achieve, complete the message, and click Send. Once you’ve completed the email and sent it, it will disappear from the Drafts folder.

Or another way to repair the error [pii_email_11fe1b3b7ddac37a081f] is to use an internet-based version of the Microsoft outlook program instead of using a pc program.

Proceed to the”Delegates” tab of the”Options” dialog box.

In Microsoft Outlook, many errors and some malware glitches have been located recently. When receiving and sending messages in Microsoft Outlook or managing Microsoft Outlook abruptly, error pop-ups showed error [pii_email_11fe1b3b7ddac37a081f], which means your prognosis isn’t functioning correctly. This mistake [pii_email_11fe1b3b7ddac37a081f]

Some of these root causes behind the error are Internet Connectivity problems, Firewall blocking the connectivity between Outlook and host, PST corruption problems, etc. Among the prominent reasons behind this error is invalid SMTP or POP port value.

Click the File tab.

Microsoft Outlook generates various error codes such as [pii_email_11fe1b3b7ddac37a081f]. Due to these errors, users have to face many problems in sending emails to other people. For company work, we demand a continuous stream of communication staff questions, revenue queries, etc. Still, at precisely the same moment, you experience a malware glitch of the Microsoft Outlook of error [pii_email_11fe1b3b7ddac37a081f].

Select the account — a top-level folder — that you would like to export.

How do I configure Outlook?

Confirm your internet link is functioning. If it is not, there are four things that you can do to repair it.

Click on your email accounts

And then, More Settings 

Then you have to click on Outlook’s Server. 

Now, click on the checkbox next to the option”My outgoing server requires authentication.” 

Finally , You Have to click on the”Log on to incoming server before sending mail” option to Repair this Microsoft Outlook email error code and message.

As we said, each technology has some mistakes. The problem is also happening with all the consumers of Microsoft outlooks. Among the most frequent errors among users of Microsoft Outlook is a mistake [pii_email_11fe1b3b7ddac37a081f]. Those people who are suffering from this mistake make an effort to figure out this malware. However, they fail the majority of the time.

If you can receive emails but can not send emails, this usually means the authentication needed by the outgoing (SMTP) server isn’t configured. …’ My outgoing (SMTP) server requires authentication is not checked. In Outlook, It’s in complex settings.

Sending a Big Message.

Click on Advanced.

The Way to Create a Ghost Email Behalf of Outlook

Click Options.

Click on the”Insert” button and click on”OK.”

Ensure that your signature doesn’t include images that live behind a firewall or VPN.

2. Repair Outlook to Repair error [pii_email_cd4b80dbd951adb0d4dd]

Open the command prompt in your system with administrator rights. To do that, hunt to find the command prompt from the start menu, produce a right-click about it, and picked the jog as the secretary choice. This will open your command prompt application with administrator permissions. Quickly enter the under file fixing command to repair the files and solve [pii_email_cd4b80dbd951adb0d4dd]. Sfc /scannowPress the enter key on your computer to establish this command. Please watch for it to achieve success and perform its job. Once the command completes its scanning procedure, please close it and then restart your apparatus. Now attempt to check whether the problem still exists. 

Sometimes there could be issues with your online connection. Also, it can block the perspective application from performing its essential tasks. Therefore you have to make sure your pc is connected to the internet right.

The most effective way to fix [pii_email_cd4b80dbd951adb0d4dd] malfunction is restarting your modem or router. To do so:

  1. Switch off your online router or turn off your internet data in your apparatus.
  2. Wait for approximately 5 minutes, and then let your net connection peeled for a while. Once you do this, you could restart your router and then hook up to the internet on your apparatus.
  3. Once you’ve got the internet connection on your computer, consider starting and utilizing the perspective program.
  4. See if it’s usually working now.

If none of these solutions work in your case, please eliminate the entire Microsoft office from your apparatus, download, and set it up. By reinstalling the Microsoft office view program, you’re able to get rid of the [pii_email_cd4b80dbd951adb0d4dd] Outlook difficulty.

Inch. Reboot your online connection or router

If you are still getting the same problem in your device, then you should immediately start fixing the application.

To mend any damaged or error influenced program on your device, follow the below steps:

Sometimes the critical system assets and files onto your desktop may be damaged or outdated. The broken files of one’s system may impact your software, such as Outlook. Do you want to make use of Outlook with no errors? If yes, then instantly repair the damaged files together with the below instructions:

To begin with, be confident that you might be in the background of one’s system. From the Cortana search bar, hunt for the controller panel. Please open it and immediately navigate to the programs and apps option. Double select uninstall a program. Find and select the prognosis application. Pick the repair option instead of uninstalling it. Follow the directions on your screen to repair this application. 

This error code is an indication that your computer Outlook application is not running correctly and something else is affecting it. Some individuals have fixed this issue with the specified below instructions:

Ms-outlook [pii_email_cd4b80dbd951adb0d4dd] specialized glitch

As soon as you’ve repaired the outlook application, it may automatically darken the [pii_email_cd4b80dbd951adb0d4dd] problem.

The mistake occurs for several reasons.

Method Number 4: Reinstall Microsoft Outlook Programme

Method #3: Use Auto Repair Tool on Your Personal Computer 

In this case, you want to uninstall the conducting application in which you read the rest of this mistake [pii_email_11fe1b3b7ddac37a081f].

Once you get started using Outlook, plenty of information is accumulated within the database. This may include broken or useless information bundles. Clears the cache and biscuits mistake [pii_email_11fe1b3b7ddac37a081f], removes all crap packages from the database.

Once we know, Microsoft Outlook can be a great email application that helps you easily send and receive emails. It will play like your individual data manager whenever you’re utilizing Microsoft Office Suite.

The very first step is to begin out with opening an aspect. Then choose the file at which you found the mistake. Next, visit Account Options Settings. Today you have to start up your account settings window and select a message accounts option. Then you show a Contact Accounts Window there. Choose the Settings option to proceed to”Internet Mail Settings”. Find the”higher level tab” option. Replace SMTP (port number) 465 into 587 here, finally, save the fluctuations. 

Before conclusion, first, open your esteemed program to look at the stability once you repair and restart the PC.

If the above options do not function with you, you need to visit the alternative to modify them. With luck, this step will work perfectly for you.

Method Number 2: Play Duplicate or Multiple Account

Do not worry; should you employ this approach, We promise you that you’ll get a solution for this PII error when you’re going to use this approach.

Why this Error Code [pii_email_11fe1b3b7ddac37a081f]?

To carry out this job, you need to observe the steps below to resolve the error carefully.

Here, I will show you 5 known methods to fix this error code [pii_email_11fe1b3b7ddac37a081f].

Don’t worry; attempt to repair the mistake by changing the port number now.

The port number is a significant component of the appropriate functioning of this software.

If the above techniques don’t work along with the settings are correct.

Method Number 1: Clear Cache And Cookies on Your Browser

You may check the interface number and replace the port number for the satisfactory performance of the programs. 

Method Number 5: Change the Port number of this server

Open the application and see whether the mistake is still gone. If you still find this mistake, then your next option will be better for the PC.

There’ll be an option that the problem will last because of multiple accounts.

First, go to the Control Panel. Program Open the Options of Programs and Properties alternative. Microsoft configures all apps. Click on the Microsoft program to Adjust the Change. Today Pick the Uninstall option from those suppliers. Then uninstall the Microsoft app window. Then comply with the on-screen directions. The procedure takes time to complete. After uninstalling it, reinstall your Microsoft Office now. 

Not only does it let you use mail, but in addition, it has some exciting features such as calendaring, communication management, job tackling, web browsing, and many more.

Indeed, one of the better solutions is to resolve this mistake by using the Vehicle Repair Tool.

Much like this, Low-quality account arrangement in software is the primary reason behind this malfunction. All Of the Parameters cannot be input at total port amounts. There’s a problem with the Outlook app along with Windows Mail’s SMTP servers. Far More. 

After uninstalling, reboot your software from scratch. To do this, carefully adhere to the following instructions below that may make your job easier and less stressful.

Exit out of MSOutlook from the MS Work function and open it again. It can fix the problem. Out Attempt to work with Outlook 1 2 account normally. More than 1, multiple balances may cause this mistake [pii_email_11fe1b3b7ddac37a081f]. Uninstall the old version and set up more new and official Outlook models. It’s essential to restart or shutdown and reopen your computer after upgrading the Outlook profile. Additionally, you may switch off your PC then start looking in the browser. If you find this error code happening after clearing the cache and restarting the PC, please read another step below. 

First, Back up an email before you mend this error. Sufficient For adequate changes, the first thing to do would be to open the control panel. Subsequently, Visit the Programs and Properties tab. Find an application where you encounter this error. Program Press the tab to edit the app and also features. Following a new window will start. Find the Repair tab and stick to the on-screen directions. 

Thus, to accomplish this, follow the steps below. First, open the menu. Proceed to Account Settings from the menu. To access Access, click the Redeem alternative. Now check and confirm the copy account by the list. Before the end, delete or delete duplicate accounts. After deleting the Uplic Duplicate accounts, return on your application.

Lists Of Some others errors of Microsoft outlook:

[pii_pn_c31792d0821baf56], [pii_pn_c32312743bd3e5c1], [pii_pn_c328e65b4f97e047], [pii_pn_c329e1c27d24c194], [pii_pn_c33f1c91a1c53ee9], [pii_pn_c346808da0299cff], [pii_pn_c3627d5187ebbe6e], [pii_pn_c3a6dd20f8903caea316], [pii_pn_c3b4a85769c7bc63], [pii_pn_c3c78edfa80d8a67], [pii_pn_c3f181468643732e], [pii_pn_c40443fb2e11daae], [pii_pn_c410f48d6e732e20], [pii_pn_c423d49a7dd9ae17], [pii_pn_c4324b4b7194a0bf], [pii_pn_c43734e7e220b612], [pii_pn_c43c0f689f7dd12e], [pii_pn_c44e1ae3262755f5], [pii_pn_c45ae310f8feabfc], [pii_pn_c46064e85b52780e], [pii_pn_c463146028b294bb], [pii_pn_c46a635b16f11786], [pii_pn_c4781d19896fa701], [pii_pn_c47d0c2ff7c2e26d], [pii_pn_c48dc3090b4f1029], [pii_pn_c4a713f0ea47752d], [pii_pn_c4b5a03b186ef268], [pii_pn_c4c79d0b99e5e2d5], [pii_pn_c4c8c9a3b42645d9], [pii_pn_c4d990562cae58da], [pii_pn_c4f3512c12c5937c], [pii_pn_c4f3725f7dd69a41], [pii_pn_c52d3c93bc3b7c7b], [pii_pn_c53a2a9801f35166], [pii_pn_c54d426fb9a33c2c], [pii_pn_c5873fb1e473010d],[pii_pn_c59053a33a3308bc], [pii_pn_c592f24ce51ad9b7], [pii_pn_c59bb6c68620e6a7], [pii_pn_c5a25df9dcc426cd], [pii_pn_c5ac2f172acd7566], [pii_pn_c5be4cd97f5e2fd7], [pii_pn_c5e1433454c98ab26ad2], [pii_pn_c60fb0992be38451], [pii_pn_c618198699ee0f18], [pii_pn_c6335d770410e7a1], [pii_pn_c64689e69581339f], [pii_pn_c64f2c30743bf6de], [pii_pn_c65ed223c8a55738], [pii_pn_c67ab01b9865a3c6], [pii_pn_c67f712cfabf929c], [pii_pn_c680c57060458e2a], [pii_pn_c68221d44b73424b], [pii_pn_c69831536c367883], [pii_pn_c6a5b80ec7133c48], [pii_pn_c6b491dbf2cdfbf9], [pii_pn_c6cd2b96aed82a64], [pii_pn_c6ea0efe643e26e9], [pii_pn_c6f2ea32e8230aa1], [pii_pn_c6fe3c0efc2b1b11], [pii_pn_c708b8a2bd0ae310], [pii_pn_c713325e06041d45], [pii_pn_c713892d89b322eb], [pii_pn_c72803f3965db158], [pii_pn_c72f5e93b3f25674], [pii_pn_c758895171ae959f], [pii_pn_c7623467bd33e2e4], [pii_pn_c7a7094761b079cc34f0], [pii_pn_c7b2f344a0d1a771], [pii_pn_c7b581f60645daa6], [pii_pn_c7b8e56b37054e10], [pii_pn_c7c07075526e08fd], [pii_pn_c7fa0dbe5a9f0903], [pii_pn_c8274023909cb046], [pii_pn_c8406aebe30c83ab], [pii_pn_c853c0afcb5302ff], [pii_pn_c85d3ce405d32c0f], [pii_pn_c85fb786b57c7065], [pii_pn_c8711db925d88b75], [pii_pn_c88da07dac51bc1a], [pii_pn_c893c547f7ccfc97], [pii_pn_c899c778049eb6567ab6], [pii_pn_c8c0bd29d98e6cf9], [pii_pn_c8da9bd9820f0898], [pii_pn_c8e0184a3142be392712], [pii_pn_c901046d1aa90dab], [pii_pn_c9328a5ead51e41a], [pii_pn_c93c602e5f12497c50a0], [pii_pn_c955b7892e8b9c78], [pii_pn_c973cf2d72072be1], [pii_pn_c99401a306624b07], [pii_pn_c9b45804e44a23d3], [pii_pn_c9b4b2527382c8d4], [pii_pn_c9be99f7569e4b0f], [pii_pn_c9f038fc9ee00dd3], [pii_pn_c9f9fe03dc2da806], [pii_pn_c9ff190aca524979], [pii_pn_ca00bef2838f26db], [pii_pn_ca06ac09fdd2940c], [pii_pn_ca072371d7ff4ea4], [pii_pn_ca2bfe4d66c77b0e], [pii_pn_ca398aadcdd8e6a5], [pii_pn_ca4b446dcae13b33], [pii_pn_ca51440442de002e], [pii_pn_ca53914d7dfa9eaa], [pii_pn_ca60f609b62eb7a2], [pii_pn_ca84fe81644b3434], [pii_pn_ca85a97e5555da0e], [pii_pn_ca88909c4ee1cf2f], [pii_pn_ca9a77e7e7bfb0ea], [pii_pn_caa49c694d6f43e6], [pii_pn_cad01a12adb06020], [pii_pn_cad45ce0a7831a81], [pii_pn_cadee01aeac952d5], [pii_pn_cb89380634a725a7], [pii_pn_cb8c70354886a3cb], [pii_pn_cb8e0b045fedd8ef], [pii_pn_cbad6efaaf86308f], [pii_pn_cbb318834442e8ff], [pii_pn_cbb85fa9cebf3170], [pii_pn_cbc6520bc37fff30], [pii_pn_cbd24f38226808a3], [pii_pn_cbe86b29ba5a5079], [pii_pn_cbf35b3545f97018], [pii_pn_cbf7a034906ffc21], [pii_pn_cc1aafefa81a501e], [pii_pn_cc1c21894e3e3f2d], [pii_pn_cc839ea4ec6a04c0037f], [pii_pn_cc8dab8c1458e2f7], [pii_pn_cc9057c16642772c], [pii_pn_cca63f6c49f84f81], [pii_pn_ccc574c95b6dac5e], [pii_pn_ccda87ea23600cc2], [pii_pn_ccff6bd658276207], [pii_pn_cd490441352cca63], [pii_pn_cd494b81a3522cd6], [pii_pn_cd4b97b313f6c9cc], [pii_pn_cd50c545fc7f0fc3], [pii_pn_cd611287dae8334f], [pii_pn_cd6125d8abdc35ec], [pii_pn_cd78ace8d681a042], [pii_pn_cd7de66c4d5eea1f], [pii_pn_cd81a075b2ed2a28], [pii_pn_cdb7b665a6474a5b], [pii_pn_cdbc6c810f92c151]

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