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Features to Consider When Planning to Buy an AC System for Your Home

Whether you are constructing a new house or remodeling an existing one, purchasing the best aircon for your household is virtually a life necessity. No, it is an absolute must. Being comfortable all hours of the day, seven days a week, has become a necessary element in our lives. If you’re not as cool as ice in the summer and as warm and cozy in the winter, you’re not living very well, are you? Unless you enjoy it that way, in which case, great!

Generally, most of us couldn’t endure a 40-degree day without our beloved air conditioner. Anyway, let’s get back to the grind. So you have constructed or remodeled your house, and now it’s time to pick the greatest, the best one, air conditioning system for your sweet home, and of course, one that fits your budget too.

However, with so many different types of systems available on the market, in a broad variety of sizes and costs, selecting the best AC system may be difficult. This article will teach you one of the things you should consider when buying an AC system.

You’re undoubtedly asking, at this point, what features you should look for in an air conditioner. Guide yourself by looking more closely at each of them.

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Consider these Features:

Speed of Fans. The fan distributes cooled or heated air throughout the room. Check for such a design with a wider airflow range and many fan speeds, ranging from extremely high, to assist the room in cooling down rapidly, to very low, to make less noise and eliminate annoying draughts after the temperature is set.

Operation Modes. The set of operation modes should have the following: 

  • An Auto mode that automatically selects the setting necessary to keep the room at the desired temperature.
  • A Drying mode that dehumidifies the air in the room and gives cooling temperature, although not to the same extent as a cooling mode.
  • A Cool mode that cools the room by transferring heat from the inside of the room to the outside.
  • A Heat mode that transfers heat from the outside to the inside of the room, warming it.
  • A Fan Only mode that blows air without heating, cooling, or drying, which is also appropriate when you just want a cool breeze.
  • An Economy mode, often known as Eco mode, minimizes power usage. This is done in various ways by different brands. It may function simply to lower the cooling or heating output by reducing the thermostat by one or two degrees, or it may employ sensors to identify if no one is in the room and subsequently reduce the cooling or heating function.

Remote Control. Seek for big, well-spaced buttons with readable labeling as well as a large, clear LCD screen.

Smart Control Features:

Wi-Fi and Apps Control. Many of the latest models can link to your house’s wifi network, allowing you to manage the air conditioner from a smartphone app, useful if you’re at the office and want to switch it on before you get home, or if you’re at home and have forgotten where you put the remote. Some have this capability built-in, while others require the addition of a controller device to the air conditioner to activate it.

Human Presence Sensor. This identifies whether or not someone is in the room, allowing the device to keep functioning. Some versions even guide the perceived person’s air movement. When no one is spotted, the machine may enter economy mode to conserve power. This function does not imply that you may leave the air conditioner on for hours while the home is vacant. It is still better to turn it off and utilize the timer feature to turn it back on right before you get home, or turn it on remotely through Wi-Fi as explained earlier.

The BEST TIME to Shop for Your New AC Unit

If possible, avoid purchasing during peak season, which will be in the summer but might also be in mid-winter if you live in a cooler location. AC system installers are typically quite busy during these times, so you may have to wait several weeks before your new unit can be installed.

Practically, shop before that season begins, to ensure that your new unit is installed and ready for use when you need it the most. Conversely, it may be worthwhile to purchase immediately after the season has ended. As stores make room for new models, the old stocks may be reduced.

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