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Facts & Features of Gas Logs You Should Know

If you’re looking to buy gas logs, then read this article to learn what you need to know.

Gas log sets are decorative appliances that look like wood but are not actual wood.

Modern interior designs embrace gas logs a lot for two primary reasons. One is that they provide a cozy environment in rooms, and the second is that they complement the aesthetic look of the place.

Gas logs are also custom-made to personalize them to the needs of specific clients. It’s also because gas logs are not a one-size-fits-all solution – as houses are not the same in size and interior design. 

Gas options Available for use are below.

Liquid Propane Gas

This gas has its pros and cons. Liquid propane has CO2 in it in quantity more than natural gas. And its burning rate is three times more – meaning it burns hotter.

It is not dependent on a supply of natural gas lines – because it can be filled in a cylinder.

It can be used virtually anywhere. This brings another advantage that LPG can be used in places where natural gas lines are lacking.

On the flip side, the LPG is more expensive as compared to natural gas. And if you’re looking to use LPG, then you’ll have to arrange a dedicated tank somewhere outside the residence. 

As there’s a limit to the amount of LPG you can store, this requires refilling of gas. So, to have the cylinders refilled, you’ll have to acquire the services of a local LPG dealer for refills.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is popularly used for gas logs. This gas comes at a lower purchase rate than LPG.

Due to its lightweight, natural gas dissipates in the air quickly. Most homes usually have connections of natural gas for running appliances like heaters, geezers, etc. This makes it convenient for most people to go for natural gas burned logs.

It’s easier for people to go for natural gas-lit logs that have natural gas connections in their homes. 

But, this gas also has some downsides to it. There are some areas where natural gas is not available. Hard piping should be arranged for the setup of natural gas burned logs.

Difference Between Vented Gas Logs & Ventless Gas Logs

We’ve already shared with you the two main types of fuels used. No, we will explore the difference between ventless and vented gas logs for sale. Homeowners often get confused about which type of gas log they should go for.

This decision should not be as problematic as people make it to be. All you need to do is have to-the-point knowledge about the basic difference between the two types.

Vented Gas Logs

Vented gas logs are made in such a way they vent the exhaust to the chimney – resulting from the burning of fuel. That fuel can both be LPG or natural gas. The exhaust in this case is vented out of the house with the help of a piped chimney.

Ventless Gas Logs

Vent-free or ventless gas logs do not vent out the exhaust in the air. 

Concluding the Post

The discussion above clarifies some basic facts about gas logs before you make a purchase decision.



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