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Exposed Aggregate Concrete: Why You Should Use It For Your Next Project

If you are planning a renovation or upcoming construction project, exposed aggregate concrete will be the perfect material choice. This is made by removing the top layer of a concrete paste to reveal the underlying aggregates like pebbles, stones, glass, granite, and the like. In some cases, the concrete can also be mixed with the aggregates to create the same effect.

Lately, exposed aggregate finishes have grown more popular in driveways, surfaces, sidewalks, patios, and other flatwork projects for many reasons. If you are unfamiliar with this material, here are the top reasons why you should use it for your next project. With all the benefits it offers, it can be hard not to be convinced!

Decorative and Customisable

Exposed aggregate concrete is often described as a decorative type of concrete since the combination of materials gives you different textures and colors to work with. Besides the usual pebbles and stones, you can also use aggregates like sand, seashells, porcelain chips, and marble, giving you plenty of room to experiment with different designs.

Aside from this, exposed aggregate concretes can complement virtually any aesthetic. Whether your home has wood or natural stone, you can find the perfect aggregate mix to enhance its visual appeal. Since the material is highly customizable, you can easily adjust the color, style, pattern, and texture to blend in with your home’s design.


The main reason why exposed aggregate concretes work well for walkways, patios, or sidewalks is their skid-resistant quality. The aggregates help create a rough surface to reduce the risk of people falling or slipping. As such, this material will be highly suitable for residences with children and the elderly since you can increase safety within your premises.


Exposed aggregates have the same structural integrity as regular concrete, so they are just as durable and sturdy. Regardless of what aggregates you include in your mixture, it will be able to withstand heavy traffic and stand against harsh external elements like climate conditions. With proper maintenance, your concrete can last up to 40 years, making it a worthwhile investment.

Low Maintenance

Another great thing about exposed aggregate is it only needs minimal maintenance. Sealing your concrete every few years, depending on foot traffic and weather conditions, can help extend its lifetime. Other than this, you only need to clean the surface with water occasionally to get rid of any debris that may accumulate and maintain proper hygiene.

Good Traction

Exposed aggregate concretes have a raised surface due to all the materials mixed together. This provides great traction, which will be particularly useful for vehicles during the colder seasons since flat roads tend to get wet, slippery, and slick. By combining exposed aggregate with a good drainage design, you can prevent water from pooling in surfaces and maximize road safety.

Practical Solution

Overall, exposed aggregate concretes serve as a practical solution to homeowners since they are visually appealing, natural-looking, easy to maintain, and long-lasting. They also help prevent the growth of weed and moss, so you can keep your yard lush and healthy.

Additionally, exposed aggregate is cost-effective since the materials are relatively easy to find, and installation is not too complicated. With the help of professionals who specialise in concrete projects, you can easily have a beautiful driveway or path outside your home.



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