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Everything You Need to Know About Sticker Labels

The appearance of your product determines its noticeability, recognisability, and appeal. As such, sticker labels or label stickers are used for branding, while some of the best labels help imprint a memory in people that helps them quickly identify a product or service. Labels are made of different materials that serve particular functions. Here is everything that you need to know about labels.

Six Types of Label Stickers

Labels are designed to be affixed to a surface. The type of surface on which labels will be attached paves the way for the different labels available in the market today. Here are the six types of labels.

1.    Industrial Vinyl

Industrial vinyl is a material one can best use as an outdoor label. The high-end industrial quality vinyl successfully protects from UV rays for approximately ten years. Besides being chemical and weather resistant, it has a higher degree of flexibility. It can efficiently be applied to cover a curved surface or a sharp-turning corner. Some common uses of the material are pipeline labels, fleet decals, cable tray labels, and much more.

2.    Polyester

A material that is commonly used for control pipes and labels, polyester labels are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. One of the most popular versions of polyester labels comes with a metallic look with a lustrous finish. Polyester labels are available in various sizes and shapes and assure guaranteed durability. These labels are also known to withstand harsh climate conditions and have a long-lasting backing material (adhesive).

3.    Polypropylene

Polypropylene brings a different set of merits to the market. Polypropylene labels are known to have a significant solvent resistance and are considered to be an affordable alternative to polyester labels. Another advantage to using polypropylene as a label material is that it provides considerable clarity. These labels come in many varieties based on the adhesive, colours, and coating. Some standard polypropylene labels are chrome (silver) BOPP labels, clear BOPP labels, removable white BOPP labels, and white BOPP labels.

4.    Recycled Labels

Environmentally conscious readers will be excited to know that label companies are putting out recycled labels that are 100% recycled. Recycled labels, such as vellum and Kraft labels, are majorly manufactured from paper material that gives them an earthy presence. Even though these labels are not ideal for lamination purposes, these go perfectly well for machine application. One of the demerits of recycled labels is that they cannot come in contact with hot water.

5.    Satin Labels

Satin labels are high-end products that have a precise application and use. These labels are made of acetate cloth labels and are used to elevate the elegance of spirit or wine labels. The product packaging of satin labels offers a beautiful dimension and is ideal for holiday gifting.

6.    Fluorescent Paper Labels

Fluorescent paper labels are made of synthetic material and are available in various colours. The sole purpose of using fluorescent paper labels is to alert people. These labels are commonly used for road signs, path indicators, etc. The foil paper label is another variety used for holiday gifting or food stickers. These are available in silver, gold, and bright and dull colours.

The choice of sticker labels will be dictated by the kind of surface that needs sticker application or other parameters. Make sure you conduct your fair share of market research to find the best supplier in your locality who can provide you with high-quality labels at the best prices. Spruce up your marketing and branding today with professional label stickers!



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