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Elevations RTC Understands the Importance of Having an Excellent Team  

Success in any industry comes down to the overall team running day-to-day operations. It is especially true at any residential treatment center since the entire staff ensures every student gets the attention they need.

Elevations RTC is a residential treatment center near the greater Salt Lake City area. They have always been very particular about who they bring on to be around the students.

The team is in charge of everything large and small for every student. Since they live on campus, a robust team made up of therapists, mentors, doctors, nurses, teachers and recreational team, makes sure everything operates as it should.

How does the team stand out? The approach from the first day a student steps on campus shows the difference.

Years of Experience Together

A testimony to Elevations RTC is its ability to retain staff for years and years. People love working with Elevations RTC, which allows the staff to get to know each other and work as a true team.

Elevations RTC seeks passionate people hoping to make lifelong changes for every teenager who attends its program. It’s not viewed as simply a job but a passion for those who have worked together for years.

Communication Between Parents and Staff

Modern technology makes staying in touch easier. A quick phone call or video chat allows for check-ins. Students can reach out to their families, and Primary Therapists can set up meetings with parents back home.

Another option the team encourages is a visit to campus if possible. It allows students to show off where they spend their day and what they do on campus. Parents get a chance to feel more comfortable about their decision. 

Meeting with a particular teacher, doctor, therapist or other team member is also possible. Being a liaison between a teenager and their parents is a vital role for the team at Elevations RTC.

Excelling in the Classroom

Success in the classroom is one of the biggest boosters for teenagers going through struggles. Many teenagers realize that they too can have school success with just a bit more support from teachers and assistants.

At the bare minimum, Elevations RTC works towards getting teenagers on the same level as their peers. Returning home to the classroom is no longer a struggle if that’s the case. 

Ultimately, the goal is to get students ahead of their current grade level. Getting one-on-one and small team instruction makes a huge difference. 

Life Away From Work and Therapy

The teachers and therapists get a lot of recognition and Elevations RTC, but those in charge of extracurricular activities also deserve notoriety. The focus in their Recreation Department is to offer many different activities for students to get involved with to grow into well-rounded individuals.

Getting outside and exercising might not seem like much at first glance. However, with many activities, the Recreation Specialists allow students to follow their passion. Anything is possible. Unlocking the opportunity to possibly make a career out of a passion in the arts, music, sports, and more can change a life.

Elevations RTC even goes as far as scheduling activities off-campus each week and camping trips throughout the year. It acts as an escape, and students get a chance to do things they never have before. 

Preparing For Life Back Home

The team at Elevations RTC is responsible for more than just what type of success a teenager can have on campus. For a residential treatment center to show that they are different than the rest, they need to have people who are having success once they return.

Elevations RTC staff would feel like they’re letting students down if they weren’t constantly preparing them for life away from campus. Having a gender-inclusive campus helps. 

Students aren’t separated by gender, so there are more opportunities for students to socialize with each other. Being too separated from others can feel like a short-term vacation away from reality. 

A quality team leading the way is necessary to bring everything together once on campus. This small campus in Utah is meant to be the beginning of a better life.

The Smart Hiring Process of Elevations RTC

Ultimately, every time there is a higher that is needed for Elevations RTC, they take things extremely seriously. That means doing thorough research to find the best candidate, ensuring they have the experience to handle unique circumstances, and much more.

Not only do they need the credentials, but they need to be able to seamlessly fit with the rest of the team at Elevations RTC. There are many working parts on a day-to-day basis at the facility, and a failure to have Everyone on the same page slows them down. 

To learn about the current team at Elevations RTC, check out their website at elevationsrtc.com/team.



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