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Dux Hot Water System: Hot Water System Specialist

Gas, electric, and instantaneous hot water are all handled by the Dux Hot Water System. Our crew is up-to-date with current industry expertise and has the skills to assist you with all of your hot water needs, whether it’s repair, replacement, installation, or advice.

Hot water implementation and integration, repair, and upkeep

Are you searching for a local plumber that specializes in hot water? Hot Water Brigade offers same-day service for repairs, installations, and maintenance.

From Greensborough to Sunbury and to Hoppers Crossing, we serve Melbourne’s North-West Suburbs.

The Hot Water Brigade is a team of plumbers, gasfitters, and electricians that are qualified and trained to help you with hot water repairs and installations.

We can help you with the brands of gas and electric hot water that we suggest. Listed below are a few examples:

  • Bosch hot water

  • Vulcan hot water

  • Rinnai hot water

  • Rheem hot water

  • Dux hot water

  • Gas Hot Water

  • Aqua hot water

Gas hot water systems are popular among homeowners because they give copious hot water supplies on demand while still being efficient and cost-effective.

All kinds of gas hot water systems may be repaired, maintained, and serviced by the Hot Water Brigade. It comprises LPG and natural gas-powered gas storage tanks and continuous flow (instantaneous) systems.

Gas Heater

A typical gas boiler takes 30 minutes to heat water in its reservoir completely.

Electric Heater

The typical heater requires nearly twice as long as the average gas heater to properly heat the water in its tank, so plan on an hour to an hour and 20 minutes.

Solar Heater

As solar heaters are frequently connected to an electric heater, they will take roughly the same amount of time to heat it up – an hour to an hour and Twenty minutes. On the other hand, a cloudy day may mean that you won’t have hot water for a long time if you don’t have a backup energy supply.

Tankless Heater

A tankless water heater should theoretically deliver an endless hot water supply with little to no warm-up time. Because this is a revolutionary innovation, it may not be perfect, but who wants to sit in the shower waiting for it to heat up once more?

Whatever kind of water heater you have in your house, it’s essential to maintain it in good working order by performing regular maintenance and upkeep. 

Water Heaters Powered by Electricity

When we’re called out to repair or service a hot water system, we often encounter issues with the element or thermostat.

We can set up electric hot water containers as well as electrical hot water systems that provide immediate hot water. Whether you’re not sure if your present hot water system is fulfilling your demands or if you want to install a new one, give us a call, and we’ll be happy to provide you with all the information you want.

Systems for Heating and Cooling Water

Our personnel are familiar with all big automakers and device kinds, and they can repair and service any form of heating system (reverse cycle) heated water system.

In addition to maintenance and repairs, we can advise and assist you with adapting heat recovery units to electric-powered hot water systems.

Solar Water Heating Systems

We can handle most issues that homeowners have with solar hot water systems, such as leaky solar panels and leaking connections or valves.

We can maintain and repair solar hot water systems with a water storage tank on the roof (close-coupled system) or the ground (ground-coupled system) (split system).

When Will My Water Heater Be Ready To Use?

Hot showers are one of the most luxurious experiences we can have at home or, depending on the time of day, anywhere else in the world. Our water heaters, on the other hand, aren’t magical marvels that can give an endless supply of hot water. They take their time transforming water that is far too cold for a shower into the steamy delight we all enjoy. However, because not all water heaters are made equal, knowing how long you’ll have to wait when their resources run out is crucial. Water heaters come in a variety of capacities, but the most common is 40 gallons, which is the volume we’ll use when talking about how fast they work.

Allow us to help you in determining which hot water system is suitable for residential use.

If you’re looking for a new hot water system for your home or company, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a wide choice of options available.

Keep the following factors in mind when selecting a hot water system for your house: the size of your home, the efficiency and reliability of the hot water system, and how you use your hot water. These are just a few of the issues to consider. Call for Emergency Plumber Perth for some problems.

The following are the several forms of hot water available on the Australian market:

  • Heat pump hot water
  • Gas storage or gas flow indefinitely
  • Electric storage or continuous electric flow
  • Solar hot water


Dux goods combine style, quality, and value from a reputable brand. For almost 75 years, they’ve been creating, producing, and selling a comprehensive variety of plumbing goods. The Dux difference guarantees high-quality, made-in-Australia items that have been designed using cutting-edge technology. Noritz, a global powerhouse and leading Japanese residential and commercial water heater producer, is backing Dux. Every Dux hot water system is made in Australia to assure quality control and prompt service and allow for a strong emphasis on research and development in connection to what is most required in every Australian home.



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