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Do Sobriety Calculators make Recovery Easier?

With addiction, every day can feel like a year. During the initial months, you may experience sensory overload, irritation, and withdrawal symptoms. Many addicts are found wondering the same question, “When does it get easier?”. Of course, longing for a day that does not revolve around battling alcohol can be tiring. 

Due to such grave difficulties, the marking of time is considered essential in AA or recovery meetings. Once you learn to take it one step at a time, you begin to realize your capability to lead productive, happy lives even on difficult days. Hence, the sobriety calculator is a vital tool to mark and celebrate your victory. 

To utilize them to their fullest capacity, you must ensure a few things: 

  • Sobriety will be hard for the first few months – and accepting it will make the process easier. Once you accept the difficulties it comes with, your mind is ready to battle them. Most withdrawal symptoms will not last for more than a few days. Many people have found relief by just taking a glance at their calculators. In such cases, repeat to yourself: “I will not let these days go to waste because of a few, intense moments of craving.” After your first month of sobriety, your AA meeting might celebrate it with a Red Sobriety Chip! 


  • Know when you need help! If you believe that your alcohol addiction does not warrant recovery meetings, you may have tried getting sober on your own. Many people have procured a sobriety calculator on their own and thrown out alcohol to keep themselves in check. While this may work for some, it may not be useful to you. Know that it is okay to have different needs than others. If you failed a couple of times with trying on your own, search for the AA meetings near you and go to one. Their sense of support and sponsorship method makes it possible to re-imagine a new world for yourself.

In such meetings, your milestones are celebrated with great enthusiasm. You get red, silver, gold, or bronze plated chips for every milestone! In some AA meetings, your team may celebrate with you by going out for coffee! The 12 steps of AA give you the clarity to deal with cravings and other issues. During your difficult days, a look at your sobriety chip/calculator or remembering their belief in you can salvage the day. 

  • Keep track of your emotions. Being in touch with your emotions is a crucial step in recovery. Many learn to dissociate from all of their emotions to stop the bad ones from coming. Thus, they are not able to grasp the full sense of their victory. Hence, you can add a tiny note about your emotions when you tap in the day as ‘sober’ in your calculator. You can even journal in your diary along with using a sobriety calculator. 

There are ample tools waiting for you to drop that bottle and start your recovery. One positive thought can alter your life altogether. 

For more information, check out https://www.aa-meetings.com/sobriety-calculator



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