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Know these marketing tips and procedures to make your custom car decals stand out from the rest

The upsurge in popularity of custom car decals as marketing tools isn’t some rocket science. When the traffic is boring and frustrating, it’s so enlivening to see a car pass by with a giant slice of BBQ pizza sticker on its body.

Custom vinyl stickers produce that effect, making them such a compelling marketing tool. People spend long hours on the road each week. You can interrupt their hackneyed routine with whimsical and colorful graphics and capture their attention to your business.

  • It’s important to keep the design simple. A car may give an impressive of ample space inside, but if you look from a distance, everything will eventually shrink.
  • Vehicles need to keep their design austere and minimalistic. You mustn’t cram too many ideas into a decal scheme or wrap. You don’t want to make things look busy as it will obscure your message.
  • A simple, focused, and bold design ensures readability from a distance. While designing the car stickers, emphasize on one or two areas with clean, bold lettering. Infuse minimal design elements in between.
  • You’re adoring the entire car/van to look a certain way and not merely filling up spaces with futile elements.

Visibility and vibrant colors

Visibility is the number one priority. Vibrant shades will make your simple design pop up. However, before you even contemplate designing anything, it’s an imperative to get an accurate template. It ensures that your design is print-ready and scale-compliant.

  • You can find complex and large custom car decals  vehicle wrap files, and some printers can charge you $75 per hour or $250 for total fixations.
  • Normally, your client provides the template files pertaining to the vehicle’s blueprint.
  • Please note that if you purchase them online, the template files aren’t always 100% accurate. There could slight anomalies on the surface.
  • It’s crucial to find the right vehicle decal printing company as they may have different printing processes or file requisites.
  • So, it’s crucial to gather relevant information before designing the template.

It’s also crucial to gather inspiration for your decals. After gathering all the technical information, go into the type of vehicle decals or wrap designs your client likes.

Shape and detailing

If you want to tell the world about your business through a sticker, that’s utopia. You need a brochure for that. Visual complications can ruin your decals, even the big stickers. Nobody has the time to sit back and read the bumper or car stickers for a few seconds.

  • You have the leverage of playing with the shape of custom car decals. Circle or square is the most common choice. In most cases, these stickers are a curious blend of corporate appeal and funk.
  • If you want your brand to draw more attention, a non-orthodox sticker can do the trick. It’s particularly useful if the colors aren’t bright and vibrant.

Don’t add too many details in your sticker as it will worsen the decal’s ability to stay and stick out. Intricate detailing often hides or obscures your main idea. They may be great for a tattoo artist or band, but not for your brand.



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