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Card board box provider in UK

The dynamics of the packaging industry are exactly the same as the clothing industry.  A tennis player needs a different gear than a cricketer and a bride requires a different dress from a schoolgoer. Although everyone requires different covers depending upon their individual requirements some basics remain the same, e.g. safety, style, and above all practical utility of the clothing.

The same applies to the market where different products require different types of packaging solutions yet everyone wants the packaging in style besides making sure the product life is supplemented by the packaging. Of course, we all want everything for nothing yet we all know it is not possible.

Within the Family:

We at Bo-Packaging have been doing the impossible for a while and we provide packaging solutions to all types of products ranging from cigars to cakes, make-up to washing powder, and from soaps to CBD products.

But this does not make us what we are. We stand out in the market because we at Bo-Packaging are one family. We started from a small family and are still working as a family.  We are also innovative, affordable, flexible, and quick.

Bo-Packaging is an all-packaging solution provider based in West Yorkshire of the united kingdom. Our head office is in Bradford whereas our warehouses are in Europe and the Americas as well.

OUR MISSION: (winning the market)

It’s not the mission of-Packaging to tenfold our profits overnight rather this is something our clients do for us. We simply materialize your ideas into packaging solutions. The only mission of Bo-Packaging is to clothe every product of every business in the market and by targeting the impossible Bo-Packaging is trying to reach out to the top.

OUR GOAL: (customer satisfaction)

Once again Bo-Packaging wants to make every customer happy and even if it is not possible yet we have achieved this so far by not doing what our customers want us to do mainly but by doing what is best for our customers by understanding their requirements and product.

The expert designers and committed customer services advisors of Bo-Packaging make this all possible. We have dedicated advisors working 24/7 to keep the customers relaxed and help them focus on their businesses by looking after the packaging solutions.

Why Us: (Bo-Packaging goes extra miles)

Choose us because you will not find a company with so much customer-focused ethical structure. Bo-Packaging has no standard MOQs and we do this to include the small businesses who could not afford thousands of unwanted boxes. We take small and medium-sized orders at competitive prices.

Our Price Promise: (Most competitive not the cheapest)

Bo-Packaging doesn’t guarantee yet we promise to beat any genuine price in the market. No customer has ever dropped a deal with us for being expensive. As there is a lot of variations in the packaging material sometimes customers get confused. We at Bo-Packaging guide them through all the confusing curves of packaging material (card stock) and printing to help them make an informed decision.

Bo-Packaging even provides our clients with long-term arrangements to avoid fluctuating prices in the market.

Turnaround Times: (10 working days)

Bo-Packaging managed to meet most of its deadlines even during the trying times of Pandemic owing to the best courier services we use.

The bo-Packaging slogan is that ‘we pack your ideas and unpack your deals’. Try us and we will not fail you. Come to us after searching through the market so that you know we are different.

Go Green: (Environment Friendly)

We at Bo-Packaging are really working hard to save the planet and for that, we offer special discounts on environment-friendly packaging solutions. We also regularly contribute to reducing carbon footprints and even if it’s not a lot we do we want to contribute what we could.

Join us to shine out your competitors and outgrow your boundaries.

Happy Packaging



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