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Can a TSS visa lead to permanent residency?

Australia is flourishing with startups and businesses. Many individuals from overseas are looking for employment in the country. The economy of this country is set to thrive in the upcoming years. What’s more, there will be a boom in employment tremendously. In the flourishing country of Australia, there are many work visa options for immigrants and the TSS visa is one of them. The Temporary Work visa (subclass 457) is replaced with the Temporary Skilled Shortage (TSS) Visa (subclass 482). On April 18th, 2017, the former Prime Minister of Australia and the former Minister for Immigration and Border Protection jointly announced the replacement of the subclass. The Temporary Skilled Shortage visa or subclass 482 allows an employer in Australia to sponsor a skilled employee if they cannot find a highly skilled Australian for the job. Additionally, it is a great visa for those who want to work in the country temporarily. With the help of this visa, you will be able to work for up to 4 years. It also includes travelling to and from the country throughout the duration. Your family members can work and stay along with you as well. Read further to learn about the requirements and eligibility criteria of this visa.

What are the requirements of subclass 482?

Below listed are the certain requirements when it comes to applying for this visa.

  1. Offer of employment: One of the requirements for the subclass 482 visa is the offer of employment. With the offer in hand, you can easily apply for a visa. So, you must ask your employer in Australia to provide you with the offer of employment.
  2. Two years of relevant experience: You must also be an experienced individual to qualify for the visa requirements. At least two years of experience is a must in the relevant field.
  3. Relevant qualification: Your accomplishment should match the role of your job. It means that you must have eligibility. For example, if you have applied for a marketing analyst position, then your qualification can be a master’s degree in marketing.
  4. Must know the English language: English is the common language and the de facto language of Australia. In a nutshell, English is the first language for a majority of Australia’s population. This language is spoken by 72.7 per cent of Australians. Hence, it is crucial to know this language. You must also hold proof of your English language proficiency.
  5. Genuine intention to work: If you are nominated for a particular position by a sponsor, you must have genuine intentions to work with the company.
  6. Meet health and character requirements: You must provide medical certificates within 12 months of application lodgement to meet the health requirements. Additionally, you have to submit the police clearance certificate. For this certificate, you have to meet the character requirements. So, if you have maintained a good record without any substantial criminal accusations, you can definitely attain this certificate.

How to apply for a subclass 482?

There are three steps for the subclass 482 application process. They are standard business sponsorship, nomination and visa application.

  1. Standard business sponsorship: For a business to employ a TSS 482 visa holder and approve it as a Standard Business Sponsor, it must exemplify lawful and active operations in Australia. It includes supplying Business Activity Statements, showing commitment to training Australian citizens, etc.
  2. Nomination: For employers to nominate a position within the business, they must make sure that the labour market testing provisions are met. Additionally, the salary must be within the market norms, and the applicant must be paid in line with the Australian employees.
  3. Visa applications: The nominee must meet the requirements mentioned above for the TSS visa.

Is it possible to gain permanent residency with this visa?

If you have been nominated for a medium and long-term strategic skills list (MLTSSL), you can gain a visa through the 186 visa subclass. Getting selected for permanent residency depends upon the business needs or the ongoing need for a full-time position in the company.



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