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Branded content is a new way of the marketing in 2022

It’s a new age of marketing and we are stepping in 2022. Today we will talk about the 2 important aspects of this age – branded content and audio-world.

Branded content – new era

The second trend is Branded Content, nothing new is to say something that takes a long time, branded content, but this Branded Content is being consolidated in digital events given the current situation.

This brand content used to be much more in physical events, face-to-face events, but today we are finding it in digital events, also the entire boom in content, we can say a remix of content, for example the Instagram Reels that are growing a lot, or channels such as TikTok , and of course in the consolidation of the multi-format.

If it is happening to you or the numbers are telling you, that digital marketing is working worse and worse or they are giving you worse results, you are selling less, your cost of customer acquisition is higher, and it is probably because you are not implementing a strategy omnichannel marketing strategy, because that is where we have to work, on how we are able to integrate different channels, different messages, different formats, to accompany that user from when they know us, until they buy from us and make the conversion rate, that is to say, sales, is greater than we have. Branded content means that you can use it even during the streams. More brands are looking for popular streamers that can make a whole stream about one brand. That’s why you should start streaming in 2022. Get Twitch followers, stay very consistent with the streams and reach out to brands for the deals.

Digital audio age

We are going with the first of the trends, and it is digital audio. The strategies of voice, all audio strategies, as you can see are constantly growing, if you were listening to this blog article on the podcast, it would be a clear demonstration that everything that has to do with voice is in a growing demand and growing supply, where every time More brands are also looking for how to use auditory content to support their brand, to reach their consumers, as a sales weapon, in fact you are sure to listen to podcasts with some frequency, and it is possible that in many of them you are beginning to find advertising, or brands that sponsor these podcasts, what happened in the past with videos on YouTube is beginning to happen with podcasts, because more and more users are consuming podcasts, therefore we have a powerful communication marketing tool, sales, advertising on this channel, which brands are taking advantage.

Podcasting continues to grow, in fact it is already beginning to consolidate as an advertising format, it is still that major players in the podcasting world such as Spotify, globally activate advertising, it has not yet done so, it has its advertising formats, but It seems that in not a long time, although there is no specific date, it will be possible to monetize the podcasts with advertising as we do on YouTube, where you can put videos and earn money based on the videos that are shown.

Well, imagine the same in your podcast, this is already happening, what remains is for it to be opened en masse, therefore everything that has to do with auditory content, content with voice, is one of the great trends in the marketing world digital, so here consider what strategy of auditory content, what audio strategies, are you following in your company.

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