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Boiling Water Taps Is It A Better Option Than Filtration?

The general public is increasingly aware that the water available from the faucet is not necessarily as safe as assumed. Alongside a variety of public health scares, the water in your pipes has been treated with various chemicals, including chlorine and fluoride.

While both chemicals serve a purpose, recent research has questioned the link between them and various diseases. The same is true of heavy metals found in the water.

Inevitably, people are investing in filtration, systems at home, it ensures the water they use is safe. But, because there are many different water dispensers available, the debate continues regarding which is the best.

Boiling Water Taps

Boiling water is one of the techniques recommended if you are ever caught in the wilderness. It’s relatively easy to get a fire going and boiling the water will kill all known pathogens. That means you’re not immediately going to get ill from the water.

It should be noted that boiling the water doesn’t remove chemicals and heavy metals. In fact, if the water has lead in it, boiling it will actually increase the concentration of this metal.

The obvious advantage of boiling water, even with a specialized tap, is that it only requires a source of heat. In short, it’s very easy to do again and again.

However, it doesn’t remove as many contaminants as a filtration system and it takes time to boil the water, even longer if you want it to cool enough to drink. Boiled water also has a flat taste although this can be improved by pouring the water back and forth between two containers.

Filtration Systems

There are several different filtration systems available. Two of the most popular are reverse osmosis and activated carbon. These types of systems are more expensive to setup and install, you will also need to replace the filters on a regular basis. That means filtration systems are more costly than boiling water taps.

However, they do work quickly, giving you instantly filtrated water from your faucets. Perhaps most importantly, filtration systems remove chemicals, pathogens, and heavy metals. Exactly what they remove does depend on the filtration system chosen. However, if you have multiple concerns then you can always have two types of filters fitted into your main water supply at home.

Because filtration systems remove the chemicals in the water they also alter the flavour, most people agree it tastes better after filtration.

There are no real disadvantages to a water filtration system as they don’t pose any risk to your health. It also prevents you from needing to purchase bottled water again.

Final Thoughts

Boiling water is great in an emergency. But, it doesn’t offer the speed or convenience of a filtration system and it isn’t effective at removing chemicals and minerals from the water.

In short, if you’re trying to choose between the two systems at home or in the office, going with a filtration system is the logical and better option.



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