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Best Things To Do In South Loop Chicago

The South Loop in Chicago, Illinois, is famous for its history, culture, and emerging downtown areas as a business and residential hub in North America. This place is a green zone with contemporary and modern architecture. Multicultural people visiting here have many things to do. South Loop Chicago is also the best place to live in Chicago. There are many apartments for rent South Loop Chicago in high-rise buildings. If you love luxurious apartments then South Loop has the best luxurious apartments on rent.  Here, we have listed the best 5 things that you can do once in downtown Chicago.

Visit Old Music Clubs in South Loop Chicago

The South Loop Chicago is famous for its country music. International tourists and music lovers visit here to attend its annual music festival. Yet, it will help you listen to country music in the classic music clubs present here for centuries. The Jazz Showcase is the oldest one, which is still showcasing Jazz music events live. They play famous Jazz artists’ songs, albums, and upcoming young talent shows. It will be a different feel to listen to such live music once in South Loop Chicago. It will assist you if you could book in advance. There are also many other old and new music clubs to fill your musical entertainment to the fullest.

Printers’ Row Lit Fest

The South Loop Chicago was the erstwhile printing hub of the USA. The traditional printing industry boomed here for the past two centuries until digital printing emerged as cost-effective and quick printing done on bulk quantities. Still, the history of this industry is not wiped out from this business district. Some of the printers’ commercial places are converted into museums. It will help you to have a look at those contemporary printing techniques used before the digital printers came. The book worms history and printing technology students. The printers’ festival time is the best to visit here to buy old books, antiques and famous author books, which are not available for sale in modern bookstores.

Visit Parks in South Loop Chicago

By visiting the below-mentioned parks, you will come to know why downtown Chicago is so green.

  •       Chicago Riverwalk
  •       Grant Park
  •       Maggie Daley Park
  •       Millennium Park
  •       Pritzker Park
  •       Theodore Roosevelt Park

A weeklong day trip is essential to explore these parks in and around South Loop Chicago. A few of the parks are near the waterfronts of the Chicago River and Lake Michigan. These are the lush green exotic parks to visit by all ages of people in all seasons. Recreational activities for kids and adults are present inside these parks. Yet, they are joggers and Walkers Park in the morning and evening.   

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Upscale shopping places are present in South Loop Chicago. Many shopping malls are selling branded and non-branded textiles, electronics, home appliances, and provisional retailers. It is a shopper’s paradise to shop for traditional and modern outfits in one place. It will help you to find a designer wear boutique. Separate shops are there for women’s shopping. They sell women’s outfits, accessories, and jewels. The book lovers can shop in the printer’s row and find their desired author’s book. You will get the latest publisher books too at an affordable cost.

Taste Multi-Cuisine foods in South Loop Chicago

Many conventional to modern restaurants are present in South Loop Chicago. They are famous for serving multi-cuisine dishes. It is the best dining place for honeymooners for a candle-lit dinner in a private environment. Yet, it is the food lovers place for corporate, families, and people visiting the South Loop. One can find a restaurant for their food needs. It is the specialty of the restaurants present here. They do serve beer, alcohol, and wine apart from other hot and cold beverages. It is advisable to book your dining seat in advance during the weekends. Some of the hotels are trendy for serving signature foods. A few of the eating places serve breakfast. Few of them serve lunch and dinner only.



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