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Best Mobile App to Check PNR Status Online

Whenever you start executing your train journey plan, the first thing you must do is book train tickets. We can book our train ticket 120 days before the journey date. There are high chances of getting a confirmed ticket when you book it 3 to 4 months before the journey days. But, usually, we are not so used to planning trips in advance. Sometimes, we even need to visit some places on short notice. This situation usually results in unconfirmed train ticket status, which needs us to do a PNR check.

PNR Number is important not only for travelling but also for ordering food in trains, booking retiring rooms, and using it to file complaints if there are any mishaps on the train. There are multiple apps to check IRCTC PNR status and lessen the journey stress. RailMitra is one of the best PNR inquiry apps through which we can do PNR checks repeatedly.  

“The PNR of our train ticket is one of the crucial things that ensure our train journey. One way, its confirmation status assures us of our traveling in another; its waiting-listed status leaves us in uncertainty. Considering this problem of rail passengers we have launched RailMitra app. That feature doesn’t only help in checking the status of the PNR but also helps in seeing the chances of ticket confirmation. Accurate PNR prediction of RailMitra escapes the uncertainty and helps the passengers in planning their train journey more efficiently.”

  • Manish Chandra, Founder, RailMitra 

Here is why you need to do a PNR status check online through RailMitra App 

Easy-to-use Interface – RailMitra app is a user-friendly rail app that simplifies the train travel experience. Its interface is very simple, and even a non-tech person can adapt its feature and use it for their benefit. You can conveniently do a PNR status live check on mobile with this app. 

Provides Accurate PNR Prediction – RailMitra provides PNR details like age, gender, name, journey date, seat number, coach number, transaction details, etc. Apart from these railway PNR number information, RailMitra also predicts the PNR confirmation chances of your tickets if it is not confirmed.  

Multiple Tools to plan Rail Journey – RailMitra’s features are not limited to only the PNR number check. It is an AI-enabled app with multiple tools to check trains between stations, train fares, seat availability in different trains, live train running status, and train schedules. It helps the passenger throughout the journey, including planning, satiating travel appetite, and reaching the destination. 

How to Check PNR Status with the RailMitra app? 

RailMitra has an easy-to-use interface. To check train PNR status; you need to follow these steps: 

  • Open the RailMitra app in your tab or android phone;
  • Go to the dashboard and select the option “Check PNR Status”;
  • Enter the 10-digit railway PNR number of your ticket in the given box;
  • Click on the ‘Submit’ button;
  • Your screen will reflect the PNR details and PNR prediction.

Things You Need to Know During Your PNR Number Enquiry

Train PNR Number: PNR stands for Passenger Number Records. It is a 10-digit unique number issued to every Indian rail ticket whether you book it online or from the PRS centre.  

The place to Find PNR Numbers: Tickets are booked from the station’s reservation centre; you can find your PNR Number at the top left corner. Whereas, in e-tickets, you will find the PNR number at the top centre of the ticket.

PNR Number Status: IRCTC status of the ticket is a way to check the details of the journey, which includes the passenger’s name, age, gender, date of the journey, train number, train details, and ticket booking status. 

Abbreviation in Railway PNR Status: You may see some acronyms for your PNR no status while making a PNR  inquiry. These acronyms are: 

  • CNF– Confirmed: It states that your ticket is confirmed, and you can plan your journey without any worries. 
  • RAC– Reservation Against Cancellation: RAC means your ticket has been partially confirmed, and you will get a berth. However, you will need to share that berth with other RAC status holder passengers. 
  • WL- Waiting List: When you find WL Indian Railways PNR, your ticket is on the waiting list and will get confirmed only when other passengers with RAC status and confirmation status cancel their tickets or if the railway will add some extra coaches. 
  • CAN- Canceled: This PNR status check for railway tickets assures that you have cancelled your ticket. 
  • NOSB- No Seat Berth: NOSB IRCTC ticket status is assigned to child passengers below 11 years old. The child is allowed to travel by train, but a specific berth is not allocated to the kid.

Types of Waiting List Status: When your train ticket is not confirmed, it shows a different waiting list. 

  • GNWL– General Waiting List: This waiting list status has high confirmation chances.
  • TQWL- Tatkal Quota Waiting List: When you book your train ticket in the tatkal quota, it stays on the waiting list and shows TQWL status. It also has a good chance of confirmation. However, the GNWL tickets are preferred during chart preparation over Tatkal tickets.
  • RLWL- Remote Location Waiting List: You see RLWL train PNR status when you book your train ticket between two critical stations of the train route, and it doesn’t get confirmation status. RLWL tickets have very few chances of confirmation. 
  • PQWL- Pooled Quota Waiting List: PQWL status is allotted when you book train tickets from trains’ origin station to a station short of the last station or from an intermediate station to a terminating station or between two intermediate stations. This waiting list also has low confirmation chances.   
  • RLGN- Remote Location General Waiting List: RLWL appears as RLGN after ticket booking. It has low confirmation chances. 
  • RQWL- Request Quota Waiting List: RQWL status is issued when you book tickets for two intermediate stations. If the ticket is not covered by the general quota, remote location quotas, or pooled quota, the waiting list ticket is issued under the Request quota. It also has not so great chances of confirmation.
  • RSWL- Roadside Station Waiting List – RSWL status is allocated when you book your train ticket from originating station to the street-side station. This ticket status also has very few confirmation chances. 

RailMitra app depicts all these acronyms to make you understand the actual status of the 10 digit PNR number easily. Using the vast IRCTC PNR status check database, it shows the PNR prediction in percentage.  In addition, RailMitra provides various tools to check trains between stations, live running status, train schedule, and order food in train. 

Apps have become handy as they can be installed on all Smartphones. They can show notifications regarding status updates, help you find the best train route, allow you to spot your train live, and many more. Therefore having this app on your mobile is a must if you are an avid traveller who frequently takes train rides.

Have you got a waiting train ticket? Check your PNR status here.



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