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Best Countries for Rhinoplasty

If you are looking to get some kind of cosmetic procedure done on your nose, and it is too costly in your native country, or the doctors in your country do not specialize in such procedure then the best option for you is to travel abroad. And if you are not sure which country to choose, do not worry. We have selected the best countries for not just rhinoplasty but almost any cosmetic procedure and they are as follows.


Selection of patients who are looking for the best value for money.

People go to Turkey for a favorable price-quality ratio: plastic surgery in this country costs about 20% less than in European clinics.

For a nose job in Turkey, patients choose Liv Hospital clinic: good surgeons with American certificates work here, the clinic itself is comfortable to stay in and is equipped with the latest models of medical equipment.


A selection of patients looking for a premium clinic and doctors.

Spain is a European center for plastic surgery, people also come here to do plastic surgery from the United States. Prices here are higher than in other countries, as world-famous surgeons operate in Spain, and the service in clinics is no less than in five-star hotels.

Most patients undergo rhinoplasty at the Teknon Clinic, Barcelona, ​​where 80% of plastic surgeries in Spain take place. Most of the patients turn to the world-renowned plastic surgeons who work on the staff of the clinic: Dr. Paloma and Dr. Palasinet.


Selection of patients who have to undergo a non-standard operation and doctors with the most experience.

It is quite difficult to obtain a visa to enter Korea, so there are few patients who go to plastic surgery, but the plastic surgery school is unique here. In Korea, there is a great demand for plastic from the local population, as this is not unusual for their culture, so every surgeon has a large flow of patients, which offers more experience. South Korea is the birthplace of technology industry leaders, so Korean clinics are buying new equipment sooner than anywhere else in the world.

Patients choose JK Plastic, a huge plastic surgery center that also has a cosmetic rehabilitation center. The clinic employs 11 practicing plastic surgeons who have performed 85,000 successful surgeries in 19 years of work, an in-patient anesthesiologist and more than 100 medical staff.


Selection of patients who seek the best doctor and the best conditions of stay in the clinic.

This is an option for patients, as there are no problems with obtaining a visa. There are several plastic surgery clinics in Ukraine which fully comply with European standards. There are no language barriers with the doctor – the question of trust between the patient and the plastic surgeon is very important, it is necessary to discuss in detail the desired changes and make sure that the decision is correct.

One of the clinics for rhinoplasty in Ukraine is Perfecto Room, which was founded by the famous surgeon Andrey Kharkov. This is a luxury clinic, where the best 3D modeling equipment is available and each operation is performed under the personal supervision of Dr. Kharkiv.


The total cost of rhinoplasty abroad includes the cost of anesthesia, the work of the selected surgeon, and the cost of living in a clinic or hotel. The main part of the amount is the payment of the operation itself, the price of rhinoplasty in different countries varies: for example, nose job in Turkey starts from $ 2,500, and in Spain it is 2 times more expensive – from $ 5,000. This is the average cost in the country, the exact amount depends on your medical case: someone needs to repair their back, and someone needs to completely rebuild the structure of the nose. Longer and more complex operations will cost more.



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