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Best Affordable Shapewear for Women 2022 for Every Styling Need

The modeling belt has already become a trend and surely you’ve seen celebrities out there rocking the pestle belt, isn’t it? Yes, the shaping belt can be a great ally for those who are overweight, as it helps to make the posture more correct, and with a slimmer silhouette, in addition to visually reducing the appearance of the belly, losing weight, the culottes and other places. of the body that there is usually a concentration of fat.

But do you know how to use the shaping belt? There are some advantages to using a modeling belt, but also some precautions you need to take when thinking about using the product. Let’s meet?

How to Use and Care for the Modeling Belt?

The shaping belt has a great compression power that helps to shape the body, outlining the curves. Another great benefit of the modeling belt is that it also helps to maintain an upright posture, reducing back pain and spine problems.

But it’s worth noting that the maximum time you can wear the brace is 7 hours a day. And it is not recommended to sleep with the modeling belt, because it does not bring much comfort and can harm your sleep.

In the case of postoperative, yes! The girdle helps patients in post-operative cases and always follow the instructions of the doctor and waist trainer manufacturers, especially in relation to the maximum time that can be used, which also cannot exceed 8 hours.

When the modeling belt is of quality, it becomes a very easy accessory to use. Just place it around your abdomen and make sure you are exerting moderate pressure. Well, the belt can’t be too tight, so as not to harm blood circulation and it can’t be loose either. Another very important tip is that the strap should not be used over other materials or clothes.

Modeling Belt Models

Modeling Belt Models


Traditional: The traditional model is the one that has compression only for the abdomen region. Its length is below the breasts and up to the hips. The strap is crafted in rubberized fabric and has front clasps closure.

This model can be used under dresses, making the look much more elegant.

Modeling Belt Models-1


Hot Pants: The hot pant shaping belt is a model that is also being used a lot, as the trend of the moment is the high waistband. It helps a lot in the use of skirt, jeans and high waisted shorts.

It is a model that has good compression and models to the exact measure.

Hot Pants


High-waist dental floss: Another possibility is to use the dental floss shaping belt that features a higher waist. Its length goes to below the breasts. It is ideal for the use of long skirt and tight dress, as it does not mark and does not appear under clothing. Like the idea?

Gym girdle: Surely you must have seen colorful girdle celebrities at the gym, right? This model has medium compression to not compromise training movements. Reduces measurements and helps with calorie loss during training!

Body shaper: Body shaper is a classic among women. It brings much more security, does not mark and is super comfortable. It can be used for a long time, modeling the body and reducing the measurements. It has an opening between the legs and a well-reinforced handle so it doesn’t hurt.

Body shaper


You can bet on several colors to use with any type of piece, what do you think?

Modeling shirt: This is an ideal model for those who like to wear tighter blouses and dresses. It brings a well structured and comfortable fabric for use, not marking under clothes. In addition, it has several colors to use with any piece.

Modeling shirt


Use and Care Tips for the Modeling Belt

1 – You need to choose a model of your size, no choosing smaller to tighten more. This will only make you uncomfortable and may compromise the end result.

2 – After use, it is recommended to wash your modeling belt, as it will be all sweaty and can cause a bad smell. Wash with mild soap and do not use a brush to avoid damaging the fabric of your shaping belt.

3 – Have several different models to allow use with any type of clothing, so one more reason for wholesale shapewear. So you will always be ready and with the curves you want. Such as, your skin has become firmer and there will also be a considerable reduction in measurements in the region.

4 – The modeling belt does not work miracles. So, take good care of your food and do physical exercises regularly to enhance the results of the modeling belt, okay?

5 – After continuous use of the modeling belt, you will notic.



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