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Benefits of Amazon FBA

Amazon is among the biggest eCommerce marketplace in the whole world. Over time business owners are moving from traditional business to Amazon to reach a large audience and sell products online. 

Do you know? Amazon ships more than 1.6 million packages every single day, and about 5.7 billion users visit Amazon in a month worldwide. 

Still, if your business is not available on Amazon, you’re missing a lot. And you must start selling on Amazon right away, and a way to do this is by using fba label or Fulfillment by Amazon program. 

What Is Fulfillment by Amazon? 

As the name suggests, FBA is a program that allows sellers to deliver their products to customers faster without any hassle. It also provides a great advantage to small business owners and saves warehousing costs and time to manage orders. Instead, In the FBA program, Amazon handles all the work by itself. 

However, there are amazon fba fees for this service. The catch is that as long as your products are being sold quickly, the fees get lesser and even beat the cost of shipping and inventory management if you’re doing it yourself. 

How Does Fulfilment by Amazon Works?

 It’s a straightforward process. The sellers need to send their products to Amazon, which are kept in Amazon’s large storage spaces, and when the customer places an order from your store on Amazon, Amazon’s fulfill that order on your behalf, and their teams take care of everything.

Amazon charges a small among of Amazon fba fees in exchange for these services. That said, here are some of the many benefits of using Amazon FBA.

Low Cost of Shipping 

One of the basic advantages of FBA is cost saving on shipping. Items that Amazon ships are way cheaper as compared to doing it on your own. One of the reasons behind this is Amazon gets huge discounts from all the large shipping companies.

By using FBA, you can also avail of those discounts in your fulfillment fees which directly boost your profits on each order. Also, the amazon fba labels save the money that the seller has to spend on shipping supplies or to hire employees for the packaging. 

Quick Deliveries

The success of e-commerce or the profitability of an online store doesn’t only depend on the savings but also on the faster deliveries. Customers of today are very impatient; they want to receive their products fast.

All the Amazon Prime members get free next-day or two-day shipping from Amazon. So, in the FBA program, Amazon delivers way faster than you could from your own warehouse setup.

More Space of Storage 

As mentioned above, in the FBA program, the products of the sellers are stored in Amazon’s warehouse, so the seller doesn’t have to rent a storage space. Another advantage is that Amazon provides your huge storage space, which can handle your bulk inventory without any hassle.

However, there is a fee for that, but that’s way less than as compared to what you have to pay for renting a huge warehouse or hiring employees to manage the inventory. 

Not just that, Amazon provides great inventory performance as well and monitors their employees in a way better way than you could do it yourself. So, you get unlimited warehouse space while saving so much cost on inventory, and shipping to amazon fba is also very easy.

Customer Management 

Managing customers is not an easy task. Customers require full-time attention, and hiring a customer service manager is a separate cost. But with the Amazon FBA program, your customer can directly connect to Amazon’s customer service specialist instead of communicating with you.

This takes a lot of loads off from the sellers and saves their time. Amazon’s customer service is available full-time via email, phone, chat, and your customer can get every time of assistance from Amazon directly in the FBA program. So, FBA provides great customer service to your customers, saves your cost, and boost your brand image as well.

Handling of Refunds and Returns 

There is nothing called a perfect customer. In an e-commerce market, you cannot satisfy everyone. So, there’s always a possibility of returns and refund requests from customers. Managing the returns requests and verifications can take so much time of the seller.

However, Amazon FBA makes it very easy. With this program, Amazon’s team takes over everything and manages every step from the beginning to the very end.

In return for that, they charge you a small FBA fee which is basically an additional cost-saving if you compare it to managing the returns on your own. 

Final Words:

They are many benefits of Amazon FBA. This program makes the whole online business setup very easy and quick for the online sellers. The sellers can save money on shipping, warehousing, customer support, and so much more.

That makes it a win-win situation for everyone. So, if your business is not already registered on Amazon, now is the perfect time to do it.

If you’re not fully aware of how FBA works, you can take help from Amazon fba coaching. Taking help from a professional can increase the success chances of your business and help you meet your business goals quickly.  

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