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Avoid Salesforce Data Recovery Cost by Adopting Safe Backup and Recovery

Every business activity and the business decision now largely depend on data-based insights. We can generally say that every business revolves around valuable data and information. For modern-day enterprises, data is more valuable than money and time. As no online likes to waste money, data should also be kept relevant and safe. With this, you must understand why data loss is a crucial thing Salesforce admins should consider.

On looking at the tech giants like Facebook or Amazon, you can see how they leverage their user’s personal data by considering it as the most valuable asset. They hold relevant and live data of millions of their users. This is the same with many other organizations in e-com, banking, financial services, and social media. They simply live and thrive on data about users and businesses. This is why ours is called the information era, where data is precious than gold or diamond.

Considering Salesforce, it is a fully data-driven CRM. You can use data stored on these platforms to better understand customer behavior, their priorities, and service needs and try to drive better and faster decisions for increased business. For this, the data on Salesforce org is very important. 

The complications of data loss 

It is scary, right? Think of a moment as to what will happen to your business with a possible data loss. Every organization should take appropriate measures to safeguard data. In this article, we are trying to take a deeper look into the implications of data loss and ways to prevent any data loss. We may also try to explore some Salesforce partners who provide critical support services for secured backup and restoration of data if any data adversities happen.

Data can drive growth. It can also give businesses relevant information to make smarter and accurate decisions to increase the brand’s market value. Salesforce data will consist of information related to prospects and clients and internal information about the company and employees. For the admins and Salesforce owners, it is easy to assume that their data is fully protected on the cloud-based CRM of Salesforce, but this is not the case in reality. Even though Salesforce remains the No.1 CRM platform with many security controls, data corruption and errors are still possible. So, even with all the in-built security measures, data accidents are not uncommon on Salesforce.

Salesforce’s native data recovery service

It was previously known as Data Restoration and is now being called Salesforce Data Recovery Service. This is a unique data backup and recovery service offered by Salesforce to retrieve lost data. If the Salesforce users raise a request within 15 days of the data loss, Salesforce can share the old data in raw CSV format, which the users need to manually restore. However, the entire recovery and restoration of lost data can take anywhere from six to eight weeks, which is a significant time considering the criticality of modern-day live businesses. Moreover, the Salesforce data recovery cost is $10,000 per data recovery service case.

On raising the recovery request, you will get multiple .csv files from Salesforce on paying the fee, which still cannot guarantee 100% restoration of lost data. A data rescue operation may not deliver the most desirable results always. This is the reason why Salesforce once stopped the recovery service and wanted users to adopt other third-party data backup and more effective recovery services.

Steps to avoid data loss

As the native data backup service of Salesforce is not that effective and also incurs a high cost on the users, it is ideal to consider some preventative measures to avoid the scope such as data loss. Let us explore.

  • Maintain a culture of data risk awareness

In the remote working environment, the employees tend to use their own devices at work. With this, the IT department may have lesser control over how they utilize the data through these devices. It is essential to take steps to ensure user awareness about the safe use of data and the standards they need to follow. Ensure that all employees are trained in data security-related issues as clicking a malicious mail attachment, equipping their devices with the latest security updates, caution while connecting to external storage like a USB stick, etc.

  • Proper passwords and two-factor authentication

Passwords are very simple but powerful solutions to protect data. Every organization should have a very strong policy in terms of password usage and hygiene. You need to ensure that passwords must be kept stronger and unique. Many businesses have also recognized that weak passwords are the No.1 threat to data security. Introduce measures like Single-Sign-On and password vaults to eliminate password-related risks. Usage of passwords can also be enhanced with multi-factor authentication.

  • Secured access

Work closely with the system administrators and empower them to ensure Salesforce data security. Along with taking care of the Salesforce implementation, the system administrators also take up the role of safeguarding access to sensitive data. The major advantages of cloud-based data systems are their ability to manage access and permissions without any technical skills. So, you can take advantage of these features for your admins to secure your data access through various permission levels.

Salesforce data backup and recovery

There is no doubt that data backup and recovery are the greatest solutions to data loss risks. To plan this well, you need to address some standard business questions like:

  • Where does Salesforce fit into your data disaster recovery plan?
  • Whether your company has a foolproof plan to recovery and restore all the systems and applications in case of a data loss?
  • Are you using any native or third-party Salesforce data recovery tools?
  • Is your Salesforce data backup secure?
  • Can you rely on the existing data backup and recovery mechanisms?
  • Is it possible to recover your data from any earliest point in time?

You need to review these questions with the help of an expert and find appropriate solutions to devise a comprehensive and functional plan for Salesforce data backup and recovery.



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