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An Exhaustive Guide To Channelling The Bohemian Vibes

Even if you are not a fashionista, you are likely to have heard about the Bohemian trends that have created quite a buzz in the fashion circles and beyond. Dominated by earthy shades, organic materials, and traditional patterns, Bohemian fashion has always embraced a melee of traditional cultures and creativity.

From hippie pants, floral dresses, leather sandals to colourful headbands and bandanas – there are so many items you can use to build your ultimate boho fashion wardrobe.

Is a boho floral dress in sync with your fashion mantra? In this post, we’ll spill the tea on the accessories you can pair with your dress to bring your Bohemian fashion A-game to the table!

Pair Your Boho Floral Dresses with These Chic Accessories

While a boho floral dress can hold its own, pairing it with the right accessories allows you to make a powerful fashion statement. Read this section to find out what they are:

  1. Headwraps

Is there anything not to love about headwraps? They are a versatile accessory that can complement every clothing type, and when you throw the bohemian patterns and colours into the mix, you’ve got yourself a stunner.

Considering how super affordable they are, you can clear out some space in your closet just for storing them. Pick a floral pattern headwrap, or go for shades that either match with or are in contrast to the colours of your floral dress.

Do you know what’s even more remarkable? You can quickly bid farewell to your bad hair day worries with a headwrap!

  1. Coloured Boots and Leather Sandals

Rock the walk with a pair of coloured boots – they will pair spectacularly well with your boho floral dresses, irrespective of the colour and patterns. While ankle-length ones are preferred, feel free to bend the rules a bit by opting for knee-length boots. Patterned and neutral-coloured boots will be ideal.

Want to up the ante? Go full boho with leather sandals, especially during warm and sultry weather when it is not feasible to don boots.

  1. Fedora Hat

If headwraps are not up to your alley, switch it for a fedora hat. This accessory tends to be in vogue during all the seasons, and it can make you feel snug and comfy rather effortlessly. While you have the freedom to experiment with colours, you can nail the boho look just as well with a classic black hat.

  1. Layered Trinkets

Your boho floral dress will be incomplete without gorgeous, layered trinkets. Try to wear layered necklaces or single pendant pieces made of earthy materials like stone, wood, coral, etc. Go big with hooped earrings or earrings that come in an assortment of geometric shapes.

Sport a couple of beaded bracelets on both hands to finish the look. Alternatively, you can go traditional and wear gold jewellery.

  1. A Cross-body Bag

Complete your bohemian wardrobe for the day with a cross-body bag. You need not worry about the size, as anything will work.

Try to find bags that come with braided straps, mixed prints and rattan patterns, or patchwork designs. See to it that they follow the Bohemian colour palettes, and you’re all set!

And, it’s a wrap! Pair your boho floral dress with a headwrap, ankle boots or leather sandals, layered trinkets, a fedora hat, and a cross-body bag, and you’re guaranteed to make heads turn.

You can also throw in a pair of large-sized sunglasses and patchwork scarves to bring more variety to your boho ensemble wardrobe.

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