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Aluminum Roofing; Pros And Cons

Are you roofing your new home or re-roofing an existing one and you’re confused about your variety of options to use? Do not sweat more than necessary as this post is fixated on all you need to know in choosing the right roofing material for your home and in this case ‘Aluminum Roofing’

Aluminum roofing has been the cynosure of many homes as it offers great attractive options from its longevity to energy efficiency and minimal maintenance it requires.

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Aluminum Roofing; Pros

Below are the advantages of choosing aluminum as a roofing material for your home.


The peck of aluminum roofing is that it can last more than 50 years and this is of great importance as it will require little to no repair or overhauling overtimes.


Another importance of Aluminum is that has incredible fire resistance, wind resistance, and impact resistance. This will offers protection from external fire dangers to the home and also it doesn’t rot or allows molds or fungus Infestation.

This quality adds up to the longer lifespan aluminum roofing enjoys.

Rodents Proof

If your house is in an environment where rodents can easily jump onto your roof from tree branches, your best bet is to use aluminum roofing. This will protect your home from any damages as rodents or wild animals can not have any impact on the roof.


Aluminum is wholly recyclable and can be reused over and again at the end of its lifespan. This is a greater advantage over other roofing materials.

Aluminum roofing also has the quality of reflecting sunray as this will help in the energy efficiency of the home and reduce the requirements for cooling.


Aluminum roofing enjoys a natural outlook in the placement of their shingles. This design helps it ensure a staggering appearance over other roofing materials.


Aluminum generally is lightweight. This allows easy transportation from one place to another, free of encumbrance. This also ensures that it doesn’t put much stress on the building, unlike other house roofing materials.

All-Round Usage

Aluminum roofing is good for any and every season. Aluminum roofing will help keep your home cool during the hot weather. And also protects your home from an ice dam or water collection during the cold period.

An aluminum or metal roof is an ideal way to prevent and mitigation of the effects of an ice dam.

Energy Efficiency

As said above, aluminum roofing reflects sun rays thus keeping the house cool. It also reflects the heat from your home back into your home during winter, thereby ensuring a warmer house.

And lastly, in the hot season, aluminum cools much faster than other roofing materials and this can be used to ensure a greater reduction of energy usage at night.

Aluminum Roofing; The Cons

While we have made mention of the different importance of Aluminum roofing, now let’s move on to the disadvantages of same.

High Cost of Initial Procurement

Largely, aluminum has a high initial cost unlike other roofing materials and this may be dissuading homeowners who are on a budget.

But what aluminum roofing has in high initial cost, it made up for it in its very lack of replacement of maintenance costs. This means though it might cost more than some other roofing materials it has an incredible feature of needing less repair.


While many people may love the soft pattering of rain or the tinkering of snow as it falls. It is such a great irritation to many others. An aluminum roofing has an inkling for magnifying the sound of the said pattering.


Though aluminum roofing has great resistance to wind, fire, and impact, it can suffer damages from hail. This can result in a copious dented part in the roofing which is unlikely to happen with other roofing materials.



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