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Add New Features to Your Car

How often do you get stuck behind someone who has added new features to their car? I mean, they’ve got a spoiler, or maybe even a custom paint job. They’ve done things to their car that you don’t want to admit you’d never thought of.

The auto industry is changing rapidly. More and more people are buying cars that look better than ever before, same time many people sell their used cars for the same reason. In fact, some automakers are now offering customers the chance to customize their vehicles from bumper stickers to interior upgrades like leather seats. With these options comes a lot of competition in the aftermarket. So what happens when your local repair shop doesn’t know how to perform these repairs? Where can you go for professional service at an affordable price? Well, first off, there’s no reason to spend nearly $1,000 on modifications to something that will only run for five years. That’s why we created this list of 10 best car mods. Some will make your ride faster, others will improve its overall appearance, but all have one thing in common – they will turn heads everywhere you drive. And if you’re looking to buy parts, check out our guide on the best aftermarket accessories available today.


The “OEM” part means original equipment manufacturer. This refers to the company which designed the OEM product. It might be Toyota, or it could be Ford, whoever makes your engine block. For example, I’m not sure where Volkswagen fits into that scenario, although VW owns other companies such as Audi, Porsche, Seat, Lamborghini, etc. You’ll usually find the year built below the model designation. If you’re lucky, you’ll also see where the vehicle was originally sold at (for example: Chrysler-Dodge City).

Most buyers will agree that some form of customization is a good idea. But while some choose to invest heavily in modifying their rides, others prefer the simplicity of sticking with factory stock specs. That’s where the performance gains come in for those who decide to stick with basic exterior color schemes and unmodified powertrains. We found four standout models that deliver a big bang for your buck without ruining your resale value.

If your tire tread looks worn down, or if you notice odd noises while driving, it may be time to replace them. Tire pressure should always be checked regularly so that you don’t end up running over rough road surfaces. When buying tires, remember that larger sizes offer higher mileage ratings. The size, type, and brand must complement each other in order to achieve optimal traction.

This set includes a complete hood/bonnet/bumper assembly, two headlight lenses, the body kit and the fender flares. These parts are suitable for both cars and light trucks. There is no need to remove the inner door panels. To install the hood/bonnet/bumpers, simply follow the instructions included within the kit. Note: Do not use heat gun on plastic bumpers! Plastic is brittle so extreme heat causes breakage. Instead, work slowly, apply firm downward pressure using mallet or rubber hammer until installation is completed. Remove front plate by lifting upwards towards center console. Install bumper and fasten using supplied fasteners. For detailed instructions, please refer to your owner’s manual or contact the dealer where it was purchased. Use caution when installing headlights as small pieces of broken glass may remain inside lens.

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