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A Complete Guide to The NCA Exam in 2022

Are you looking to be an internationally trained lawyer in Canada? Then you must know about the NCA exam. The National Committee on Accreditation, popularly known as the NCA, is a standardized exam for law students who have obtained their degree from outside of Canada but want to work as legal professionals in Canada. However, prepping for the NCA exam requires direction and strategy to clear the exam. The 2022 advisory on the NCA exam and application has led to specific changes that you must be known. If you intend to write the NCA exam, find a complete guide about the NCA exam right here. Keep reading this article.

What is NCA?

The National Committee on Accreditation is a federal body for international lawyers. NCAs are open-book exams, but that does not make them less challenging. The NCA is a rewarding career path for law students aspiring to work professionally in the legal field in Canada. NCA allows law students to undergo articles that offer hands-on training and insights into Canadian jurisdiction.

What is the first step to NCA?

The candidates can initiate the NCA process by sending their legal transcripts or pre-law transcripts for assessment. This assessment process primarily looks for the candidate’s eligibility to enter the Canadian law system. After the evaluation, the applicant is asked to demonstrate their competency in the five core subjects in Law, including Foundations of Canadian Law, Professional Responsibility,  Administrative Law, and Criminal Law. All these five areas of law have a particular development in the Canadian jurisdiction, which is mandatory for all students in law. The next step is to take the NCA examination to demonstrate competency in the five aforementioned subjects.

NCA Examination

The NCA exam takes place four times a year, January, May, August, and October. Students are required to appear for each examination separately. Exams can be attempted in one sitting or divided into 2-3 sitting based upon the student’s convenience.

How to prepare for the NCA Examination?

Some candidates choose to prepare for the examination on their own using the material available in the market. The questions are structured to examine the candidate’s conceptual clarity and reasoning ability. But some students find it challenging to prepare for the examination on their own, so leading institutions in Canada have already introduced preparatory courses that can help the candidates appear for the exam with confidence.

The NCA preparatory courses are designed by Canada’s expert and experienced legal professionals, who have hands-on experience in the Canadian legal system. The courses undertaken in the NCA preparatory course includes:

  • Constitutional Law
  • Professional Responsibility
  • Administrative Law
  • Foundations of Canadian Law
  • Criminal Law

Apart from making the students familiar with the knowledge of the subjects. They can also learn tips and tricks to write excellent answers to fetch them good scores.Hence, a course can offer expended support through your exam preparations.

The journey to practice law for internationally trained lawyers begins with passing the National Committee on Accreditation(NCA) exam. After which, the candidates are confronted with preparing to get through the bar admission process in the domain they aspire to practice. After which, the law professional can find their dream job in Canada as a Lawyer. If this is your career aspiration, then take the first step!



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