Working from home has many advantages and can, as it is in this time of health crisis, become a necessity.
In this exceptional situation, it is not a question of working one or two days a week at home but of succeeding in maintaining a rhythm of work over time. For this, we give you 8 rules to follow to feel good while working from home and boost your productivity throughout this experience.

  1. Keep in touch with your team

Social bonding is probably one of the greatest benefits of working in the office and in a team. It is therefore important to discuss about work, of course, but also in an informal way.

Beyond the classic email, there are now many solutions and applications for organizing remote teamwork and discussing with employees. Employees monitoring software is playing a great part now a days and companies tend to have the positive outcome.
In addition to conference calls, online project management tools can help you organize teamwork effectively despite the distance.
Other tools facilitate exchanges between employees around projects but also, in the form of chats to replace informal conversations during the coffee break.

  1. Create a dedicated and comfortable workspace

Take the time to create an efficient workspace. If to work an hour, it is possible to sit on a sofa, sitting 8 hours in these conditions is unthinkable! So, for office, an office type set up is somewhat required!

It is preferable to set up an office in a separate room to simplify the establishment of rules and instructions for the members of the household. If, however, you do not have such space, then you can set up an office area dedicated exclusively to work in a place where you are least likely to be interrupted.

You can find many ideas on the web or on Pinterest that you can use with your own furniture to design a private space.

Part of setting up a productive environment when you go to the office is getting ready for work. Even if you never have a video conference, stick to your morning routine before you start your day. While working out in your pajamas may seem great at first, this practice is definitely not recommended. A hygiene routine helps you create a psychic state conducive to work.

  1. Set your working hours

If working at home implies a certain flexibility of schedules, it is useful to define them precisely the day before or in the morning before starting your day in order to maintain your quality of life. Indeed, when you work in an office outside, coming home represents the end of your working day. Whereas when you’re already at home, work can easily extend into evenings or weekends. The notion of time is different, the line between professional and personal life is thinning and must be preserved.
Once your schedules are defined, you can also make sure that your planned working hours are known to your entire household. If your children or your spouse understand your schedule, they will find a better place in it.
Finally, notifying your employees when you are away from the office, via a short message or a shared calendar will facilitate teamwork.

  1. Define rules for those around you

It is a question of defining what deserves an interruption during working time. The reasons for discontinuation that you agree to should be clear to everyone, including adults.
If your kids are young or you want to be more flexible, there are some simple rules that you must adopt so that even toddlers can follow them: knock before entering, never enter when you are on the phone. or always whisper in the office.
Another way to minimize interruptions for children is to plan their day as much as possible (snacks, activities, clothes prepared in advance). Take short breaks during the day and announce them. If the kids know you will be leaving your office at some point, it will be easier for them to wait to let you know the latest news.

  1. Demonstrate self-discipline

There are many sources of distraction. Besides interruptions from members of your household, cell phone notifications, household chores, pets can distract you.
The key is to understand your weak points and rules of self-discipline.

Thus, keeping a journal of hours and your activities can be useful in revealing where you have lost your way. Once you know your weaknesses, set hard rules, schedules, and goals that you stick to.

  1. Multitasking, yes, but mastered!

Sometimes we all multitask, consciously or not. When working at home (especially with children) it can be tempting to overdo it.

The result: a multitude of half-finished projects and kids who feel like they never have your full attention.

The trick is to multitask efficiently and do it in a limited way. You can fold the laundry during an audio conference, but you won’t check your emails while your spouse or child is interacting with you. A clear division of private / professional time will promote your relational well-being as well as the quality of your work.

  1. Organize your day

In teleworking even more than in the office, it is essential to set daily and weekly goals to be achieved. Taking stock each evening on your progress and the tasks to be carried out the next day will allow you to start the day in optimal conditions. Also, having visibility into all of the tasks for the day ahead will help you plan to complete assignments that require high concentration when your home is at its most peaceful.
There are many project management apps to help you create to-do lists, prioritize them, and track the progress of one or more projects.

  1. Incorporate a sports routine into your day

The benefits of sports activity on our physical and mental health are well established: heart health, morale, concentration, memory, quality of sleep and many others.

However, when working at home and in this case with reduced movement movements, it is all the more important to incorporate a sports routine into your day.
Since the announcement of confinement to reduce the spread of # Covid-19, many sports halls have made sports programs available on their site or their social networks to do at home without equipment. Bringing out your dusty sports equipment in a closet can also be a good idea!

For those who are not very athletic, taking a beginner yoga class or video stretching is also possible and not very restrictive.
We hope that by applying these few tips, your # telework experience will be positive both in terms of quality of life and efficiency at work.

Take care of yourself!




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