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8 Killer Tips for Creating a YouTube Gaming Channel in 2021

Games are a competitive YouTube niche, but there is still room for new YouTube users to build successful channels. Starting a game channel on YouTube is not an easy task. Playing video games is, of course, fierce, as it is an activity that millions of people enjoy. There are famous YouTubers who dominate the gaming space with billions of YouTube views and hundreds of small channels focused on every conceivable game.

As a result, it is difficult for new YouTube users to break into YouTube noise, not to mention viral. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Focusing on what’s important to your viewers, trending opportunities, and the best YouTube video maker to increase your views will make building your game channel much easier.

Best Ways to Create a Gaming Channel

1. Expand your YouTube channel and stick to one game

Once you start the YouTube channel, you will want to play each of your games, given the insane variety of games. However, if you need to develop a game channel, just select one game to play on YouTube. YouTube’s calculations and algorithms are sophisticated but seem to supplement the basic material technology.

If you know you want to initiate your gaming channel, it’s suggested to stick to a single game, for example, Minecraft, and make your recording for a similar audience.

2. Upload YouTube shorts to increase your views


You know YouTube shorts can be created in portrait mode, and they take less than a minute to make and are played millions of times on YouTube.

  • YouTube gaming shorts are for those who watch YouTube on their mobile phones and appeal to viewers who laugh quickly or who want a brief description of a particular topic or issue.
  • Shorts are perfect in many ways for those who don’t want to watch long, traditional videos.
  • It’s also great for the gaming community as they can quickly capture the hilarious game moments when a character falls off a high shelf and is wiped out in seconds by competition and unexpected glitches.
  • You can also shoot tutorials for viewers who crave short content without sharing fun videos.
  • It is very possible to start with hundreds of subscribers and grow to one million in just three months with your gaming channel. If you want to get your attention on YouTube, keep all this advice in mind.

3. Broadcast video on YouTube every week

Consistency is important on YouTube, especially on your gaming channel. Creating gaming content every day is substantial to excel at providing substance to the right viewers. If you feel there is no compelling reason to broadcast daily game content, you can surely post a video on YouTube every week.

So whether you’re posting four recordings each month or one video each day, YouTube will continue to prescribe your content to your viewers. When starting a YouTube project, don’t stick to the release schedule of experienced creators. Please take it little by little. That way, you can see YouTube infiltrate your life, even if you balance school, work, and family time.

4. Follow trending game themes

Trending topics offer a great opportunity to get more views on YouTube, especially as a new YouTuber. You can use anything that adds something focused and positive to pop culture, holidays, game news, or content strategies.

  • Move the character within the game scene while clearing the location of the current video. The goal here is to make it incomprehensible that someone clicks away.
  • Make video tutorials short and interesting.
  • Instead of displaying the game’s menu screen when you’re talking, reach the heart of the content.
  • The title of the video provides a warranty to the viewer, and it should be met early and frequently.
  • Crowd maintenance is all about YouTube; less maintenance will convey a negative message to YouTube’s calculations. This is an important indicator that your video may not meet the warranty and should not be suggested to others’ videos in this way.
  • To prevent this from happening, create a solid prologue for every video.

5. Join the online gaming community and find video ideas

Coming up with new video ideas is probably the hardest part of YouTube Gaming. For this reason, many game channels simply pick your favorite game and play it in multiple videos. Have them play the series with video titles for various episodes.

6. Create attractive thumbnails and titles for your videos

Video titles and thumbnails attract viewers. This incredible technique should be improved 100% as they persuade individuals to tap your gaming uploads. On YouTube, video titles aren’t just for show, they also help you climb the indexed YouTube list and are great for SEO. This happens when a user searches for a specific keyword, watches your video on the results page and taps it. The phrases you enter regularly are important keywords in the title of your video.

7. Optimize your gaming video, and do thorough research before hitting the record button

Before making a video, there are some subjects and phases of a game that need to be designed and researched. This may seem a bit strange at first, as you can usually change the subject to fit the final video. You’re in an ideal position to come up with a description, subject, topic, details, and lookup keywords to see how well the item ranks on YouTube. This allows you to create an ideal video without prior knowledge.

First, find important keywords and optimize your entity for YouTube calculations. At this point, run a couple of dozen projects on YouTube and imagine the viewer’s perspective. Once set up, you need to know if it’s worth making a video.

9. Make the video introduction and tutorials short and interesting

On YouTube, retaining your followers is everything. Low retention signals inconsistency according to YouTube’s algorithm. Add a strong preface to each video and instead of displaying the game menu screen when talking, go to the core of the content.

Move the character along with the game’s geography, explaining the points of the moment on a videotape. Next, it’s important to make sure that the title of the videotape conveys a message to the viewer. The phrase or titular word should be said frequently for quite some time.


The above-mentioned tips and techniques to start your gaming channel are monumental. Get ready for the challenge of playing games, increasing viewership, and dominating YouTube with your extensive channel. It is difficult for new creators to survive the excitement and spread on YouTube, but that doesn’t mean it’s unthinkable.

Focusing on what makes a difference, such as crowds, freedom of movement, and the best YouTube devices to win more prospects, makes it much easier for your game channel to grow.



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