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7 Things that Make Men Emotional

We can count on men to keep their feelings buried deep inside their heart and not bring them out in daunting times as well. Men are built like these from generations. Men who are outspoken about their feelings and don’t shy from sharing or crying about what makes them mad are easier to make peace with, be it friendship or be it an apology. But men who have an icy exterior never let their better half know what’s in their mind or heart. Additionally, if you know you have made a mistake and wish to apologise, there will be no common point where you can get an apology and forgiveness. 

It is always a long game of not coming out about things clearly. If you have been or are in a relationship with a guy, you will understand this more easily and are probably looking for solutions somewhere too. Well, you don’t have to worry because we have solutions to the problem of not being in harmony with your partner, and also we will tell you how not to trigger them by saying things that can be emotionally disturbing and close to their heart—starting with a solution if you in an immediate need send an online cake in Ahmedabad to your guy with an apology letter along with it. You can make handmade things for him or send a playlist of the most emotional songs. Go for customised presents that are truly memorable and pick them all from online gift shops. Coming next to prevention before cure, here are some things you should be careful about not to trigger your friend. 

  • Family

Men are mostly very careful about their family and are possessive towards them as well. It would be best if you never said things against their close family members, even as a limerick. Try to form a bond with his family members to know him more I’d only and do not let any odd feelings arise in your heart at all. Is he going through some rough patch in his life? Assure him of not just your presence but remind him of his family that is there for him too, and he will know you as his true soulful companion. 

  • Equality

Don’t question his capability or likeness towards his work or love life based on the fact that he is a man and he has it easy. Trust him to have achieved things based on his skills and heart and not the sheer advantage of the ecology of the world. Don’t even be the last person to question his capability, and don’t let the question of men and women come in between too often. Men often refrain from such conversations when they are hurt seeing their partner lack faith in them. 

  • Comparison

Never compare your guy with another one. Don’t let an ex-boyfriend, a friend’s boyfriend, a best friend or a random guy come in between and prove himself better than your guy. Knowing someone superficially and budding the one you are with doesn’t seem fair in itself. Always keep your point of view politely, even if you think there’s something to change. 

  • Lack of faith

Don’t show a lack of faith in your partner, be it his physical, mental or emotional strength. Every person has its pros and cons, and you have to know the best thing about your partner not to let bad things fade your judgement. He has to know that you trust him, and with that faith, he will continue to grow endlessly. 

  • Don’t question his loyalty

Never question his credibility or loyalty. Of course, all this is not supposed to put you in a blind spot where you should keep a blindfold on everything your partner is doing. But you will know if you were too paranoid about things that are actually not a big deal, and you can put a stop to it 

  • Be reasonable

Being prepared and being treated like the Queen is a wonderful meaning, and believe it or not but men do understand it. They are always on to make you feel special. But you have to know when it is a one-time thing and when it is turning into an unjust habit. If you are really deserving, you will never have to ask your partner to be sweet to you. 

  • Favourite possessions

Don’t taunt your partner or dig him for his favourite possessions. Commenting on things close to them, be it a vehicle or a locket they like to wear, can leave a deep scratch on their heart, and it is hard to heal from such emotional memories. You don’t even profit from such things, but the loss that comes in return is unbearable. 



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