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7 Helpful Organization Tips for New Nurses

Are you getting your feet wet in the nursing profession? First of all, congratulations! Your hard work has finally paid off. Now, embrace an exciting and challenging career journey.

In your nursing career, you’ll have so much on your platter. From communicating with doctors, caring for patients, checking vital signs, and administering medicine.

However, as a nurse, be assured you’ll never have adequate time to get everything done. Of course, you can’t increase the number of hours in your day, but you can plan to maximize every minute. This is why it’s vital to learn and implement organizational tips for nurses.

By managing time, organizing reports, and prioritizing work, you’ll enjoy a more fulfilling career. Otherwise, you can get everything spun out of control. Keep reading to learn tips on how to get organized as a new nurse to prevent this.

  1. Arrive At Work Early

Arriving at work in the nick of time or late can shamble your entire day. This results in stress and confusion because your mind won’t be organized enough to get into work mode.

Also, your colleagues on the previous shift will be angry at you for delaying them to go home. Even worse, you might miss crucial information as you won’t have enough time to chat with them and do some consultation.

To avoid all these, ensure you get to work early always. One way to accomplish this is by doing prep work the night or the day before your shift. Layout your clothes and pack anything you need at work the night before.

  1. Do A Quick Pre-Report Chart Review

Before conversing with the off-going nurse, it’s wise to do a quick review of the pre-report chart. This will enable you to come up with specific questions that you’ll ask the nurse before they leave the workplace. Also, it’ll relieve you of the hassles of handling loose ends once they’re gone.

During this chart reviewing process, avoid diving deeper into the chart. Skim through the pre-report to identify any urgent matter that might need some explanation from the off-going nurse.

Peek to find out if your patients have any off labs or overdue medications. Also, check if the vitals are stable and within the range and confirm there aren’t any alert lab values.

Don’t do an in-depth analysis of every aspect on the chart. If you do so, the off-going nurse might be halfway home by the time you’re done with the analysis. That means you stop, look for their number and try calling them, hoping they answer.

If the nurse doesn’t answer to clarify the critical issue, you might end up being confused and stranded. You’ll waste much time waiting for them to answer to start your work.

  1. Organize Your Supplies

“A place for everything and everything in its place” is a key dictum for nurses. For optimal organization, avoid throwing all your essential items into your pockets.

Things like: phones, pens, alcohol wipes, reading glasses should be put into a pocket organizer. It helps you retrieve items that you need quickly.

Before putting your essentials into the organizer, take time to look at your patient’s immediate needs. You’ll know what supplies to gather and put in your pocket organizer before heading down the hall.

Don’t forget to restock supplies for the next shift if they finish during your day.

  1. Prioritize Your Work

As a nurse, you don’t have enough time to do everything you’d like to do. You have a lot of tasks that require your time and commitment. Unfortunately, caring for patients takes a hit as you administer meds and observe any reactions.

Therefore, prioritizing your list of duties is non-negotiable if you don’t want to miss any essentials. You can use a pre-printed scheduling chart showing each patient and their scheduled treatments.

Remember to check off tasks once you complete them. This will ensure you don’t change your patient’s dressing twice in one shift.

  1. Check The Doctors’ Orders

After the doctors have made their rounds in the wards, know you’ll have new orders for different patients. Take time to go through those orders to check any med changes before administering the scheduled ones.

Consider changing your schedule if there are many changes concerning the patients’ diet, treatments, and meds. This will create a room for accommodating all the changes to fit in.

Also, if your patient is being discharged, ensure to organize your paperwork and the patient on time.

  1. Organize Your Report

Of course, you don’t want to be a nurse who gives reports in pieces of paper spilling over the table. Set up your report in jointed segments and avoid backtracking to give forgotten details. Also, don’t scribble everywhere to make a report sheet that can reference info with much ease.

If possible, get a consistent place to note any questions that need clarification from the rounding doctor. Also, try to keep your patients as straight as possible to avoid missing anything.

With well-organized report sheets, you can easily glance at what you need to do next, even without flipping pages.

Use organization skills to organize your home life too.

  1. Stay Organized At Home

Staying organized at home is crucial to nurses. It influences the length of time to prepare themselves and get to work.

As a new nurse, focus on creating a morning and after-work routine if you want to be organized at work. Please print it out and hang it on your fridge or living room to ensure it becomes a habit.

Also, don’t forget to use tools like apps for agency nurses and phones to set up reminders. Use a paper planner and set up a command centre to store your bags, badges, and keys.

Here Are the Key Organization Tips For New Nurses

The nursing jobs are not for the faint of heart. They’re very involving and time-consuming as many things need to be put into place. However, with proper organization, nursing becomes easier and more exciting.

Above are the best organizational tips for nurses who are kicking off their careers.

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