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6 Types of Safety Signs For Workplace Needs In Australia

You should know the safety signs to keep your fellow employees/colleagues safe in the workplace. 

Some accidents are unavoidable, but some certainly can be prevented. Safety signs in Australia have been classified and divided into six major types. Having a brief understanding of these signs and their intent will make it easier to decide which ones are needed for your workplace and where to place them. 

According to the Australian Standard Safety Signs for Occupational Environment, the first two types of safety signs have been designated as Regulatory Signs. These signs tell you what must be done and what can’t be done. 

1. “Can’t Do”: Prohibition Signs

A prohibition sign is a great way to tell individuals that they can’t do something. These signs consist of an easily identifiable red circle with a line passing through it diagonally. Use a NO SMOKING sign to tell people that they aren’t allowed to smoke here. 

Similarly, put up a NO ENTRY sign to restrict people from entering your private property without a work pass or ID. 

2. “Must Do”: Mandatory Signs

If you need people to follow some instructions, you’ll have to use a mandatory sign. These signs are usually pictograms or any white symbol. For instance, if your office needs protective equipment or clothing, you’ll need to put up a sign like: “Foot Protection Must Be Worn Here.” You can also skip the images and simply use word messages in these mandatory signs. 

Now, there is another category of safety signs in Australia. These are called Hazard Signs. These signs indicate things that could either hurt or kill you. 

3. “Kill You”: Danger Signs

You can use a danger sign to warn individuals about any potentially dangerous or life-threatening conditions. These signs commonly have a black rectangle with a red oval inside. The word “DANGER” is written in capital letters and boldface. 

Some widely seen danger signs include “DO NOT ENTER” and “HIGH VOLTAGE”.

4. “Hurt You”: Warning Signs

A warning sign is essential to let people know that even though the dangerous condition isn’t life-threatening, they can get hurt. You can quickly identify these signs as they come with a black triangle surrounding the hazard symbol on a yellow background. One commonly seen warning sign is “SLIPPERY WHEN WET.”

Finally, the last two safety signs are categorised as Informative Signs. 

5. “Safety First”: Emergency Signs

Emergency information signs enable people to find the direction to, or location of, the emergency facilities when something goes wrong.

These signs usually consist of symbols and white writing over a green background to be instantly recognisable for safety. Some examples of these signs include “EMERGENCY PHONE” or “FIRST-AID KIT.”

6. “Fire Equip”: Fire Signs

You can easily spot fire signs around the fire alarms due to their bright red colour. In these signs, the red background comprises any imagery or text. Fire signs can also direct you to the location where all fire equipment like fire hoses, blankets, etc., are stored.

Final Words 

With this comprehensive guide on the types of safety signs, you now know how important it is to look out for them at your workplace. By using one or all of these safety signs at the workplace, you can raise awareness and compliance.

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