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6 reasons for hair loss

It is often we find ourselves losing strands of hair and wonder why that is. This is known as hair loss, and it is a common concern in both men and women. The reasons why hair loss may occur may differ, but it is essential to highlight why this might happen.

Therefore, we have for you 6 reasons as to why you might be experiencing hair loss:

  • Watch your medicines

There are specific medicines that you may be taking with hair loss as a consequence. This is because most medicines have some side effects, including hair loss, for a few of them. For instance, medications for depression, steroids, or arthritis, often include hair loss as the aftermath. As a result, if this is the case, you can discuss it with your doctor and take an alternative according to their opinion. 

  • Iron deficiency 

Taking iron is extremely important for your body for many reasons, including the prevention of hair loss. If you lower the amount of iron intake, it can increase or the beginning of hair loss. It also impacts your nails, making them weaker. Hence it is vital to take a sufficient amount. 

  • Lack of protein intake

Like iron, protein is also a highly significant part of one’s diet. Protein plays a vital role in your body, helping it fix and create new cells. It is also crucial for your hair and strengthens it. This could be one of the reasons why your hair loss is being triggered. If you have low protein in your diet, it would be a good idea to change that. Examples of proteins include eggs, seafood, low-fat milk as well as fish. 

  • Rough hair care routine

Taking care of your hair is essential to keep them healthy and maintained. However, if you are too tough on them, then they will begin to fall out. This means that if you are using a lot of shampoos, combing them right out of the shower, harshly brushing them can weaken them and cause them to break. Hence it is essential to be gentle with them.

  • Smoking

Smoking is the root cause of many concerns that may occur in our bodies. Hair loss is one of them. Smoking decreases the blood flow towards your scalp and that, as a consequence, results in harm to the follicles of your hair. This is due to the toxins that cigarettes include, which might be why you are losing hair.

  • Stress

Although stress is an emotion, and we would think it does not impact our physical self, it damages both our mental and physical health. Stress is one of the most significant contributors to hair loss because it can make your hair follicles stop your hair growth and cause them to become weaker. That way, they fall more over time.

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