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5 WordPress Freebie Ideas for Email Subscribers to Download

Around 89% of marketers use email as the primary channel for generating leads, which shows how important building your subscriber list is. 

Aside from premium goods, consumers want brands to offer value, whether it’s sharing industry secrets or a sneak peek of their latest product launch.

Although it sounds daunting, this gives brands leverage, as they can exchange content for an email, which provides around-the-clock access to a customer. But perhaps you’re struggling with WordPress download ideas, making it harder to reach potential subscribers.

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five ideas to help you.

1. Worksheet

An excellent idea to upload to WordPress is a worksheet. These are easy to create and cover an array of industries, whether you’re teaching clients how to crochet a blanket or write a compelling blog post. 

2. Webinar 

One of the top freebie ideas is offering a webinar to email subscribers. Figure out what your prospects want to learn and transform it into a video. If you need inspiration, then see which blog posts are doing the best and use that topic as inspiration.

Although it sounds daunting, have fun with the process, and don’t worry if you stumble over certain words or make minor mistakes. And, to make the webinar look professional, use Google Slides and you’re set! 

3. Ebook 

Another popular free download is ebooks.

Again, choose a topic that you know inside-out and offer insights that you haven’t previously posted about. The beauty about ebooks is you needn’t spend hours over them as you can share an ebook that has anything from five to 50 pages. Once you’ve written the copy, use a free design tool like Canva to bring your vision to life.  

Or, if you’re currently selling a book, then give email subscribers free access to your first chapter. Not only does this encourage sales, but it shows that you care enough about your email list that you’re willing to share free knowledge.  

4. Email Course 

Clients will flock to your WordPress blog when they know you’re offering a free email course. Everyone loves freebies, especially from an industry expert, so figure out what your audience wants to know more about. To make this successful, tell prospects that once they’ve signed up, you will send a lesson every week as it keeps them interested. 

5. Roundup 

Still struggling to grow your email list? Then, consider sending out a roundup. 

For instance, this could be a collection of your most successful blog posts, videos, or resources. And if you’re still not seeing results, hire a reputable company like useworkhero.com to guide you. 

Improve Your WordPress Download Rate Today

Hopefully, you’ll use these WordPress download freebie ideas. 

Consider sending out a free worksheet, webinar, and even a roundup of your most valuable resources. You should also share an email course or an ebook, as it will quickly grow your email list. Good luck! 

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