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5 Ways To Have Fun and Be Active With Your Toddler

Every parent wants to spend time with their children, making sure they have the best possible start in life and hopefully develop an unbreakable bond. At the same time, it’s important that children are taught the difference between right and wrong.

Surprisingly, the best way you can achieve all of this is to spend time playing with them. It’s equally as important that you choose an early learning centre that emphasizes learning through play.  For example, this early learning Chatswood focuses on the natural development of children through play, and it has a great success record.

Of course, there is a big difference in the activities you can do with a toddler, versus a teenager. Here are five fun ways to be active and spend time with your toddler:

  1. Play Ball

Toddlers need to develop their coordination skills. There is no better way to do this than to play with a ball and you.

You can try playing catch, roll the ball to each other, or simply try to get to it first. Naturally, you’ll need to handicap yourself as your toddler may not be that steady on their feet.

  1. Ride Bikes

Your toddler isn’t going to go for a long bike ride with you. However, they will enjoy sitting in a child’s seat as you ride. You can also cycle with them to a park or even a local scenic spot for a picnic.

Alongside this, toddlers can start learning to ride. You can use a balance bike or a bike with training wheels, they are guaranteed to enjoy it.

  1. Dance

Toddlers are learning to move their bodies and become independent, although they may still have a long way to go! Dancing with them is a great way to boost their coordination skills, burn excess energy, and have some fun. It doesn’t need to be a specific dance routine, you simply turn on the music and get moving.

  1. Tumbling

When you’ve just started walking it’s easy to fall a lot. Toddlers don’t generally get hurt doing this, meaning you can make the tumbling part of a fun game.

Take it in turns to fall down or perhaps may on the grass or inside on the carpet, and roll across the room. You may be surprised by how much you enjoy it.

  1. Walking

Toddlers are learning to walk and it feels great as they are gaining some independence. Of course, it also means that nothing is safe as they will start getting into anything and everything.

But, the desire to walk is a good thing and you can use it to have fun with your toddler. Simply walk a short distance with them and play a game as you do so, such as what items they can spot while walking.

Don’t forget, to a toddler the world is a wonderful and amazing place. Doing almost anything is fun, especially if you are there with them.



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