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5 Types of Headaches you Need to Worry About

Headaches are pretty common and many of us suffer from these on a daily basis. No matter what the severity and duration of a headache is, it is still problematic and very problematic.

You are taking an over-the-counter medication, you are getting a head massage, you are sleeping well, you are eating nutritionally sufficient food, you are taking the herbal tea your grandmother told you about, but your heading is not leaving anyway. It’s worrisome for you or anyone else.

Why are Headaches Important?

Headache is so common that most of us are not likely to think too much about it. However, a headache can be way more than a pain in your head. A recurrent and consistent headache can be an indicator of a hidden health issue. But how do you know what your headache is trying to tell you?

One of my friends used to have episodes of sudden headaches and despite ignoring it for quite a good time, her headaches were getting worse. She even talked to many online doctors in Pakistan but nothing changed for her. Unless she was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Headaches you Should Worry About

Here are the signs and symptoms that one needs to take seriously and definitely visit a physician to find the right cause and treatment of the problems.

1- If you wake up due to a headache

One of the most common and problematic types of headache is the one that wakes you up. No one wants to be waking up due to a rejiggering headache. If you are experiencing frequent episodes of headache that are waking you up then you must consider it seriously.

Doctors also call these headaches alarm clock headaches. These headaches might be due to an underlying medical condition such as high blood pressure, altered pattern of caffeine consumption, tumour in the brain, or sleep apnea etc.

2- Headache following head injuries

Head injuries are pretty common and can be treated in several ways. No matter what’s a treatment option you have gone through, a headache followed by a head injury can be potentially dangerous. This type of headache is quite dangerous as it can be an indicator of a brain injury or bleeding inside the head. Thus, make sure to follow up with your physician to deter such incidents and thoroughly follow the instructions given by your physician.

3- Thunderclap headaches

Just as the name indicates, thunderclap headaches are the one that comes like thunder. This type of headache often starts suddenly and usually can reach up to the peak limit in more than a minute and can stay up to 5 minutes. Thunderclap headaches are the ones that can be an indicator of a brain injury, brain stroke or any other brain health problem.

4- Headache with neck stiffness

There are times when a headache doesn’t come alone and is accompanied by neck pain and stiffness. This is the next on the list of headaches you should be concerned about. These types of headaches are problematic to the risk of meningitis and encephalitis.

There are many things that can increase your risk of this inflammation or infection. No matter what triggers it, both of these conditions can be fatal and problematic for anyone to deal with.

5- Headache coming with vision problems

Your eyesight and headaches are closely associated. This type of headache can be potentially dangerous and can come with sudden flashes of pain in one eye. Induced either due to smoking, hormonal imbalance, stress or high blood pressure, these headaches are dangerous. This type of headache can result in temporary or permanent vision loss in one eye.

 Not only do these headaches come with vision problems but other associated symptoms include numbness in extremities, altered sense of smell and see blind spots.

Bottom Line!

 Headaches, a most common health problem, is one many among us deal with on a daily basis. However, not all types of headaches are the same and harmless. Depending upon the severity, duration and other associated symptoms, headaches can be different and might indicate any underlying health issue.

If you are suffering from a recurrent and patterned headache, it is advisable to visit your physician to figure out any underlying cause and make an informed decision regarding your health.



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