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5 Types of Dental Procedures You May Need After an Accident

Accidents are one of the leading causes of death these days. If not dead, you will end up having serious injuries after an accident. It can completely change your physical appearance due to facial injuries and other bodily wounds. 

You can restore the normal functioning of your mouth and face by getting the right dental treatment in accordance with your condition. We have listed down five such procedures that you can easily get to restore normal functioning of your face and mouth. 

Oral Maxillofacial Surgery

Jaws are most commonly dislocated or injured part of the face during an accident. To restore the normal function and structure of your jaws, you can have an oral maxillofacial surgery. It will be the decision of your oral surgeon lebanon pa,  at last, whether or not you are eligible for this surgery if you reside in Lebanon. This surgery particularly deals with the malalignment and problems with the upper jaw. 

Teeth Alignment Surgery or Bracing

Next on the list, we have teeth alignment surgery or bracing. Many accidents can severely affect the alignment of your teeth, and you may end up having crooked teeth. After an accident, you should visit your dentist and ask for a consultation, and they will guide you if the malalignment of your teeth can be fixed with bracing or surgery. You can also use transparent braces that come these days. They are just as effective as traditional braces and don’t compromise the look of your face. 

Dental Implants

You may also need dental implants after an accident if your teeth are damaged beyond repair. You may lose some parts of your teeth during the accident, and this can be easily solved using dental implants. Your surgeon will ask your permission for dental implants centennial co, and you can get them on your request. In some cases, they can be life-saving as the lost teeth may further break away and affect your airway, especially when you are not conscious in a hospital. 

Mandible Surgery

Lower jaw surgery or mandible surgery is also a very common method procedure that is performed on accident victims. Mandible surgery often happens in cases where the jaw is compromised in an accident.  There are dental specialists who deal with mandible surgeries or jaw surgeries, they best perform these procedures with increased chances of success. Moreover, it may pose a serious threat to your life if you don’t get this surgery on time. 

Gum Reconstruction Procedure

Lastly, we have gum reconstruction surgery. In many cases, an accident can completely change the condition of your gums. They can cause a serious tear in them which causes continuous bleeding if a blood vessel is also damaged alongside. You can get gum reconstruction surgery by a dentist who specializes in dealing with gums. You can also get these procedures if you have any regular gum problems other than an accident-targeted problem. 


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