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5 Summer Essentials for Kids

With summer around the corner, your kids are probably as excited, if not more excited, than you. It is the season for outdoor fun- enjoying activities and discovering new ones in parks or frolicking around on the beach. Whether you have a fun-packed family vacation planned, your kids will find a way to keep themselves busy.

As a parent, you will be naturally apprehensive about your kids’ health and safety. But you will also want to ensure they enjoy themselves to the maximum while stimulating their growth. Here are a few essentials to help you meet these twin objectives in your summer holidays this year.

  1. Protective Swimwear

Swimming and the hot season go hand in hand. If you have a beachside vacation planned, you have to invest in swimwear for both you and your little ones. There are a number of details you need to address as you go shopping for swimming trunks or suits for the kids.

Besides getting the right size, you need to select swimwear made from the right kind of material. The right blend of polyester and spandex will keep your girl or boy comfortable as they splash about in the sun.

A mix of 84 percent polyester and 16 percent spandex is ideal for girls’ swimsuits. This combination makes the swimsuit strong but allows it to stretch for comfort. It also offers UPF 50 protection for the covered areas.

  1. Sun Protection

Sunblock with the right level of protection should be the first thing you pack for a family seaside retreat. When buying sun protection lotion, you need to be sure the brand you’re purchasing is baby safe if your kids are toddlers. If your youngster has sensitive skin, you need to look out for brands marketed as hypoallergenic.

A good sunblock cream will be water-resistant so that you don’t need to reapply it every time your kids dip in the ocean or pool. In addition to your sun protection cream, you should pack a bottle of after-sun lotion to help your kids’ skin recover from prolonged UV ray exposure.

  1. Sunglasses

As you’re shopping around for stylish eyewear for yourself, don’t forget that your kids’ eyes also need shielding from the sun. When scouting for kids’ protective eyewear, you need to ensure what you’re buying is both fun and functional.

Their glasses frames should be flexible so that they don’t easily break when they’re mishandled or dropped. They should effectively protect your kids’ eyes from harmful UV rays that can cause temporary or permanent visual impairment.

Kids love colors, and you will find their glasses available in a variety of bright colors. Depending on what they like, you can get your kids glasses with red frames and reflective yellow lenses. Kids’ sunglasses also come in a selection of fun shapes.

  1. Sand Toys

Help your kids unleash their creativity as they revel in the sun and sand with some handy sand toys. You can go beyond the basic toy shovel and bucket and get them sand castle mold buckets.

Instead of getting these toys individually, you can opt for composite toys that pack a variety of sand toys in one package. Such toys are easy to store, carry, pack and unpack, and they offer your kids more entertainment options.

In addition to the traditional sand craft implements, you can further promote the creativity of your tiny tots with a water-resistant camera. These cameras are made to resist both damage by water and the impact of being dropped. You can choose your little boy or girl’s camera from various colors and designs.

  1. Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is crucial during the summer, and a water bottle with an appealing design will help ensure your kids take in their daily water quota. Though they’re bound to spend most of their time in the swimming pool or the sea, they will need to keep their water levels up to stave off the harsh effects of dehydration.

Besides getting your son or daughter an attractive bottle that appeals to their taste, you can keep them sipping by filling the bottle with ice. Whether they’re monkeying around in the park or biking through a nature trail, they will appreciate a cool refreshing sip every now and then.

The Key to Maximum Fun in the Sun

The summer comes with superb weather and a ton of activities to keep both you and your kids active and happy. However, the weather poses a number of health risks, especially to your kids, that you need to be wary of. Take time to enumerate and mitigate these potential health hazards so that you can maximize the fun.



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