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5 Reasons why every business should use Zadinga on a regular basis

Nowadays, half of the people are starting their own business and trying to succeed in their business. Various ways are there to run the business effectively and smartly earn profits. It is your responsibility to choose the right one, and using the Zadinga is one of the best ways. Zadinga is wonderful software that helps stock management in this modern business world. Most business people should use this app and here are the lists of reasons for it.

A shop management app is a single app that transforms your mobile phone into a powerful shop management system. It tracks all aspects of your retail store’s operations effectively.

Having the right shop stock management solution can help you track stocks in your store and warehouse in real-time to streamline overall processes. When you manage your inventory effectively, you will have the right products in the right quantity and avoid spending money on excessive items.

5 Reasons to use the Zadinga 

  • Readymade catalogue

Adding the list of products and stocks available in the business is a little crucial task so that every business uses Zadinga since it has a readymade catalogue. The default catalogue helps the business people easily add the products to the list, and it saves more time for the retailer. In Zadinga, nearly 10000 readymade products lists are there, and you must add the products into inventory within a few seconds. There will be no confusion for adding the products to lists, and it will be easy to maintain the stocks.

  • Barcode scanner 

In this modern world, using the traditional method for billing and learning the products’ details are not enough and using Zadinga is the best and most modern alternative for it. A single barcode feature in Zadinga helps the business people to learn about the products’ details easily. A short description of the product will be viewed when you scan the barcode in the product. The store owner will benefit from it since the barcode scanner is in-built, and it is mandatory for this digitalized world.

  • Reporting and analytics 

Zadinga is a mobile supported app/ software so that you can monitor the stock-flow from your mobile at any time. You can get accurate reporting and analytics that will help you to know how many are sold over a particular time. An accurate report will let you know where you have to invest more and where you don’t want to reorder. It becomes easy to have the overall view of sales for every week and every month in your shop.  

  • Delivery tracking 

One of the unavoidable reasons to use Zadinga for every business is delivery tracking. When you receive the order for the stock in your store, you will dispatch the item to the given address. Do you think that your responsibility and duty is over? No, you have to know about the order status to provide effective customer service. Where is your order? Why is the delay? What is the number of the driver? The delivery service feature of the Zadinga will give you an answer for it.

  • Easy payments 

The final reason to use Zadinga for every business is the easy payment feature. With this software, the billing process will finish faster than you expect, and it will accept payments in various methods such as debit card, credit card, UPI etc. A split payment option is there for the customers for the same transactions.

Tracking Goods in Your Inventory with Your Smart Phone:Tracking every product in your retail store can be difficult and time-consuming. Besides, you also need to ensure that your products are neither getting spoiled nor lost. With the right shop stock management app like Zadinga, you can track the items in your store effortlessly with just your smartphone and know exactly how much stock you have on your shelves or warehouse with just a single click

Bottom line: 

Thus, these are the five major reasons every business should use Zadinga on a regular basis. Start to use the software and gain the benefits.



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