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5 Fun and Engaging Virtual Event Ideas to Try

The pandemic brought almost half a billion people online for the first time last year. The internet isn’t going away, and with people working from home all over the globe, companies and individuals alike have taken to the web for things they otherwise could have done in person.

Whether it’s business meetings, birthday get-togethers, or a whole host of special occasions, you might be looking for some virtual event ideas to bring something fresh to keep people interested.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading as we give you some tips for hosting an engaging virtual event!

1. Virtual Coffee Break

Let’s start with something simple. A virtual coffee break is a great way to maintain the office culture in the midst of a season of home-working.

Letting everyone know that there will be an informal chat over a cup of coffee will help break up the day, and it’s important to keep the relational aspect of an office alive, even if you can’t be together in person.

2. Virtual Mindfulness Activities

Mental health has (rightly) been something that we’re encouraged to be aware of, and speak out about.

What better way to show your employees, family, or friends that you care than hosting a virtual mindfulness session?

Mindfulness is simply being aware. Embracing your emotions and choosing not to coast through life without considering the deeper things. It can be a great bonding experience as well as one of personal growth.

3. Virtual Fitness Classes

Are you a personal trainer or fitness instructor who has had a worryingly empty diary throughout the course of the pandemic? Have you considered taking your classes online?

This isn’t just something restricted to the pandemic season we find ourselves in. Sometimes, people have every desire to exercise but either can’t get out because of childcare or another reason, or they struggle for motivation at home.

Online classes are a great way to meet people where they’re at. If you want to make your classes look as professional as possible, you can learn more here.

4. Virtual Cooking Classes

If you’re a keen cook, you should consider live streaming some cooking classes!

These don’t have to be super formal. They can simply be a way of hanging out with friends online but at the end of it, you can enjoy the same meal together!

If you’re a business owner, why not bring in a professional chef and give your employees the opportunity to learn some new techniques and have fun with each other doing it!

5. Virtual Games

Games are a team-building exercise as old as the hills, and you can achieve the same results with online games.

You could host a quiz, a karaoke night, or even a dancing competition! The world is your oyster here but one thing is for sure—people will love the relaxed, fun environment that games create.

Will You Use Any of These Virtual Event Ideas?

There are loads more virtual event ideas, and we hope that the few we’ve mentioned here will get your imagination working.

Putting on events, whether professionally or for fun, are a great way to maintain relationships when meeting together isn’t an option.

Did you find this virtual event planning article helpful? Check out more like it on the blog.



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