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5 Essential Dirt Bike Skills Every Rider Needs

When you first start any sport it is easy to be cautious and take your time to learn the right techniques. However, as you start to improve you’ll find it is easy to neglect some of the basic skills. At first, they may not seem to matter, but they will.

Here are five essential skills every dirt bike rider should know.

  1. The Right Bike Makes A Difference

There are plenty of different dirt bikes on the market. It’s probably tempting to go for something cheap to get you off the road. However, you’re better off spending a little more and choosing one of these KTM dirt bikes Sydney. They are made by the experts and it shows.

Not only will you learn faster, but you’ll also find it’s easier to handle the bike.

  1. Slipping The Clutch Is Okay

Ride the clutch on a car and you’ll quickly wear it out, meaning that you’ll need a new clutch fitted. That’s generally a big job. However, when you’re riding a dirt bike you’ll discover that the clutch is different. It actually sits in a puddle of oil. That means you can ride the clutch a little to knock some speed off at corners, without ruining your bike or totalling it by hitting the brakes.

You don’t even need to use the clutch to shift down the gears

  1. Gear Is essential

If you’re going to do dirt bike riding then you need to know you’re going to come off. The best way to protect yourself is to invest in some high-quality dirt bike gear. You’ll need boots, gloves, elbow, knee, and shoulder protectors, and, of course, a helmet.

Don’t be stingy with this, buy the ones with a good reputation. You’ll be grateful when you fall off.

  1. St properly

Many dirt bike riders spend most of their time standing on the pegs rather than sitting on the seat. It s possible to ride sitting down but you need to adopt the right stance.

Sit at the front part of the seat, too far back and you’ll be doing a wheelie. Your knees should be hugging the bike, allowing you to steer with them. Most of your weight should be on your pegs and just a little on your bottom. You should also practice having your elbows out and high up in the air, it improves your turning ability

  1. Think About Loading

It’s unlikely you’ll be able to ride off your driveway and straight onto dirt trails. Obviously, most dirt bikes can’t be legally ridden on the road. That means you need to transport your bike to where you want to ride.

This is often why people don’t use their bikes as much as they want to. The secret is to invest n a high-quality wide ramp and trailer or truck. This makes it effortless loading and unloading your bike, allowing you to focus on enjoying the ride and getting better in the dirt.



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