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5 Best Web Conferencing Software for Businesses

As most of the businesses are being remotely controlled from home. Many employees are working from their houses in this pandemic.  At an earlier age, there was a time when board meetings were organized in conference rooms. This was way back before the pandemic happened and those were the good days. Web conferencing was the best and effective way of communicating with clients and employees that are within the organization.

During this pandemic, many small organizations started working from home because employees were scared of COVID. This virus destroyed many small businesses. However, Only those businesses survived who knew these modern techniques to run a successful business.

Why web conferencing is important?

Online conferencing is very important in this pandemic. Every employee is working from their house. holding a web meeting is more convenient than an actual meeting. In many organizations. Employees can do enterprise video conferencing with other employees and international clients.

What is Online Video Conferencing Software?

There are many online conferencing software available free of cost that has conferencing management tools that can easily control your conference calls. With the use of the internet, this software can easily connect you with any person and do your business with. This software uses VoIP and video protocols that help in connecting with people.

Core Features of Online Conferencing

There is much conferencing software available for the business. we will be discussing some of the basic but important features that are essential for running a successful business.

Meeting Initiation

It is one of the basic features of any conferencing software. A host can add participants. This is very important if the host has less time and wants to conduct meeting with many people.

Screen Share

This is one of the important factors in conferencing because in an online presentation. The host can easily share the screen of their desktop so the other participants can also see the presentation.


In some software, there is a conferencing management tool that gives the ability to record conference calls so the company can analyze the data.


It is one of the basic features of conferencing software. If the users don’t have a webcam they should at least have the feature to speak with HD voice quality.

Private Chat

It is available in some conferencing software that gives u the ability to do private messaging with users.

Video Conferencing

This feature allows the participants to do video conferencing with people so they can have a face-to-face meeting using a virtual environment.

Best Online Conferencing Software

As above I mentioned some of the best features that any conferencing software provides you with. So now we will discuss some of the best software that is available for the business.


Skype is one of the common and famous videos conferencing software available in the industry for the business. skype easily helps your company to do video and audio conferencing. It offers enterprise video conferencing and the ability to do instant messaging with clients and colleagues.

Meet by Google Hangouts

Hangouts Meet is a business tool for big organizations. To login into this software, you need a G suit account. It allows you to hold live online video conferences and you can add up to 100 people at the same time.

Cisco WebEx

This is software that allows the users to share their screens with other people during a call. Using the business version you can easily add up to 200 people. It’s a low-cost budget software that has the best packages for your company.


In the Covid pandemic, this software was very famous for its services. The basic level is free for many people so any company can easily use it. Companies can add up to 100 people at the same time. This software was widely used in the education department. Schools used this software to conduct online classes for students.

Uber Conference

If your company wants to host small local conferences and looking for free software then you can easily download this software. In this, you can add up to 10 participants. And you can do free screen sharing and also you can record free HD videos. The biggest drawback is that the call lasts only 45 minutes in the free version of the software. There is a business version that is available with additional features.

Final Thoughts

Web conferencing can easily help your business in getting more stable and successful. because these are modern techniques that every organization is working with and getting more profit every day. There is free and costly software available for your business. you can buy according to the environment of your business.






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