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4 Things You Didn’t Know About Ghostwriting

In general, the term ghostwriting has been limited to fields like book editing, publishing, speech writing, and songwriting. But the truth is, it’s an umbrella term that is not only limited to the above-mentioned fields but encompasses various other writing services.

Ghostwriters are professionals who offer their expertise and experience to people who don’t have the skills or time to write themselves. Ghosts are bound to sign a non-disclosure contract which doesn’t allow them to share their work unless the client openly shares that their work is ghostwritten.

Learn more interesting facts about ghostwriting services below.

1.   Ghostwriting encompasses a variety of roles

As mentioned earlier, ghostwriting was once reserved to writing book, speeches, and songs because these were required by high-profile figures like political leaders and celebrities who can’t write themselves. Instead of wasting time and learning skills they can’t benefit from, they take help from a ghostwriter who works with them for months to completely write their book.

Ghostwriting Services can include writing anything from books, TV and movie scripts, to content, technical documents, newsletters and more. Today, ghostwriters offer their skills in all niches and work for all types of projects.

2.   It’s one of the oldest practices

Despite ghostwriting’s relatively recent emergence into the public consciousness, collaborative storytelling, as well as ghostwriting, has existed for centuries. It was common practice to write by committee until the Enlightenment, and some of the oldest known “texts” are not attributed to a single author, but rather contain reflections and contributions from entire cultures.

Whatever the ghostwriters did, it stopped coming to the surface with the advent of the French autuers in the 18th and 19th centuries. This is when the authors, instead of ghostwriters, started receiving credits for the work and the covert practice and stigma surrounding ghostwriting began.

3.   Ghostwriters are gradually receiving the recognition for their work

Thankfully, with the expansion in this practice, ghostwriters have started to receive some sort of credit whether as an editor or contributor to the written project. Internet initiatives have also had an impact in bringing ghosting out of the shadows and breaking the stigma. The Internet has allowed us to know not only that Barack Obama wasn’t the one who wrote his speeches, but that the young speechwriter he used, Jon Favreau, has become a celebrity in his own right because of the web’s ubiquity and transparency. Readers then accepted what became known as normal.

4.   Ghostwriters highly influence the success of a book

For aspiring and established authors, ghostwriting comes as a relief. A great collaboration between an author and a ghostwriter determines the success of a book and increases the chances of the book getting noticed by millions.

By joining hands with a ghost, an author can receive and publish a book in due time which gives them a chance to write more high-quality books as they focus on other aspects of their author life.

Considering all these interesting and unknown facts about ghostwriting, one can think of this profession gaining more traction when more and more people will start focusing on making a career out of it. Not just that, the authors will also receive books at a faster pace since ghostwriting won’t be such a hideous and covert profession because it’s no more looked down on.



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