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2 plant-based books you must read

In the 21th century lots of people are going plant-based. The whole food, plant-based diet, a diet made of mainly plant-based foods emphasizing wholesome products, is particularly popular. The scientific groundwork for this diet was made in the last century. With revolutionaries like Dr Campbell and Dr Esselstyn, a clear relation between diet and health was found.

Here are two books you must read to get a lot of data in a short amount of time regarding the health benefits of plant-based foods.

1. The China Study

The China Study is the most complete book on plant-based nutrition. It discusses – in detail – several experiments done with animals (back in the days this was still common). Early results showed that rats responded negatively to a certain type of protein often consumed by most human beings, a protein that is found in milk.

Dr Campbell continued researching and experimenting, and eventually found himself as part of a big human study on the relationship between diet and health in China. Hence, The China Study emerged.

The book describes several statistically significant outcomes that all of us ought to know about. In addition, there are food charts and a detailed explanation of Dr Campbell´s career and struggles trying to push changes in the medical system

2. Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

In Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, Dr Esselstyn presents the layout and results of a small study that he himself organized dystopian novels.

The few participants all had severe heart disease, some had even been sent home by their doctors and cardiologists who had given up hope on them.

For these people, their last resort was Dr Esselstyn who was setting up a controversial but compelling study in which he wanted to find out if his earlier research finding were accurate. While looking into the diet and lifestyles of several societies around the world, he noticed that many of them appeared to thrive on a mostly plant-based diet. Could that be the key to dealing more effectively with a crippling disease such as heart disease?

He ran the study and lo and behold, none of the participants had any type of progression of their heart disease, while most even saw minor improvements to their arteries. This is almost unheard of!

While the study was small and done a long time ago, its implications are still relevant today. Luckily, there are many studies being done on the effects of plant-based diets on health. Many governments have already started changing their dietary guidelines. Special thanks to Dr Campbell, Dr Esselstyn and all the other wonderful doctors and scientists who continue to do research into the matter!




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