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10 Different Uses of Carpets in Dubai

If you have a home or a commercial property in Dubai, then one of the first things that you may want to invest in is a carpet. This is because carpets in Dubai are known for being fire resistant, hard wearing and highly insulating. They also last a long time and thus you will save a lot of money that you would spend on replacing rugs in a short while. Here are some of the 10 different uses of carpets in Dubai.

  1. Carpets are used widely in residential homes. Apart from this, they can also be used in business establishments. Wide varieties of carpets are available here. You can choose from carpets made out of silk, cotton, jute, wool, and many others.
  2. Carpets Dubai are also used commonly in schools. In schools, students have to get through their homework and other assignments on the floor. Thus it becomes essential that the floor covering is safe and sound. Wide ranges of carpets are available here that come in bright colors, easy to clean and stain resistant.
  3. The streets in Dubai are lined with carpets and thus there is no need for further coverings on the roads. This is because the carpets act as a kind of blanket that absorbs the heat and cold from the sun and keeps the roads cool. They are also used commonly on the stairs leading up to the rooms in the high-rise buildings. This is because the carpet acts as insulation to keep the temperature constant in the high-rise building.
  4. Carpets are used extensively in commercial establishments. This is because such premises need to be frequently exposed to the traffic and guests. Wide varieties of carpets are used here, ranging from plain solid ones to the complex designs containing many shades of color. If you are looking for a carpet for an office then the carpets used there are specifically made for such purposes.
  5. Some people love to buy floor coverings based on the color or pattern while others may use them based on their texture. In offices and commercial premises alike, where there are multiple colors, textures, and designs, carpets are widely used. Carpets are extensively used in Dubai due to their longevity and durability.
  6. Homeowners who want to decorate their home have a wide variety of choices available to them. These include carpet tiles, rugs that are popular with homeowners. These are made of materials such as wool, silk, and jute. However, the most popular among them are the carpeting that is made of synthetic materials. These are highly durable and relatively low-priced.
  7. The cost of purchasing a carpet depends on the material that is used and also on the size. Small rooms usually require carpets of medium size. Larger rooms require carpets of huge sizes. Based on these factors, you can determine the carpet buy. Carpets in Dubai can be bought from any carpet shop or from online stores.
  8. Carpets can also be used for interior decoration. If there are high traffic areas in your house, carpet can be used here to reduce wear and tear on your flooring. Carpets are also used as house extensions. You can extend the flooring in your house by installing carpet in your hallway and staircase. This will help you save your budget on your heating bill during winter seasons.
  9. In Dubai, carpeting is used for outdoor purposes. Patios and balconies are the most common places to install carpet in Dubai. These areas receive heavy footfall and need extensive care and maintenance. In areas, which receive heavy traffic, carpeting is also used as flooring. Carpets are also used inside the office to enhance employee comfort.
  10. You can use for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Your home’s basement can become a trendy and elegant place with carpeting. The carpeting can be used to enhance the look of your dining and living rooms. The carpet can also be used on floors in Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach.

Last Words

These are the different uses of carpets in Dubai. It has become one of the most preferred home accessories for both natives of the emirate and others from all over the world. Carpets in Dubai not only add beauty to your home but also serve several purposes in your daily life. If you are planning to buy or rent a home in Dubai, then it is time that you looked around for a carpet that suits your taste and budget.



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